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Miami Travel Guide

by WCC on March 10, 2012

in North America

Miami is a city in Miami-Dade County in Florida in the southeastern United States . In 1900 Miami was only a few streets, today it is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Downtown is bounded by Biscayne Bay , SW Eighth Street , SW Seventh Street and Fourth Avenue. Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.

miami Miami Travel Guide


The climate is very humid and muggy in summer. There are thunderstorms almost every day and at night it cools not. The temperature is 30-34 degrees in the afternoon (no swings in temperature in this time of year) and at 25-29 degrees at night. You should make sure to first be clear in the fact that you make during the period from mid-August to mid-October hurricane a vacation trip to involuntary adventure. Probably the best time is therefore of March to May, because at this stage is not too hot (daytime: 24-30 ° C, night: 22-26 ° C).

The international airport of Fort Lauderdale is located about 30 miles north of Miami and serves primarily charter and budget airlines, and connections within the U.S. and the Caribbean. The bus ride to and from Miami Beach (Collins) costs $ 2 (with transfer) and takes about an hour. Alternatively, a trip to the Tri-Rail is possible, but takes much longer, despite a higher fare.

miami hotels Miami Travel Guide

miami hotels

In Miami, there are three Greyhound stations, some of which are not straight, but in demonstration areas. The journey from there by taxi to the hotels in Miami Beach cost about 20 USD plus tip. A car can be hired directly into Miami. You can rent, but also from Germany to the car hire a car so you can get at the airport directly to a bus that takes you to a car rental. The bus is free. Streets and highways are well developed in Miami, so you can drive all within easy reach.

miami travel guide Miami Travel Guide

miami travel guide

The Ocean Drive offers many shops, you can even (if you’re lucky) to see famous actors, singers and others from the high society.
For a comprehensive enrich shopping trip worth taking a detour into one of the nearby malls. My favorite is the Aventura shopping mall because you can loose verplanen half a day. For a snack lunch or dinner, I recommend The Cheesecake Factory , which in this and in many other cities and find malls. Aventuramall the way, is directly accessible by bus south. Costs only U.S. $ 1.50 and is of South Beach is a nice 45-minute drive along the beach.

miami beach Miami Travel Guide

miami beach

Of course there are countless other shopping malls in and around Miami, and even a trip to downtown should be connected with the visit of Bayside, a shopping mall right on the water in front of the spectacular skyline of Miami. Often play at night and live bands, which makes up the atmosphere unique. In addition, you can go by boat from Bayside tours along the coast and islands millionaire, probably the best way to see the true real estate wealth of the city.

For those who have a car available, the recommended day trip to Ft. Lauderdale, where one of the largest shopping malls in America, is the Sawgrass Mall. A visit makes sense only if one schedules a minimum of 4 hours, otherwise you will definitely not browse through all areas. She is very well laid out, there are also many quiet ways to rest from shopping stress.

Probably the hottest club in town is the Nikki Beach Club Ocean Drive / 1st Ave. Very nice designed with an outdoor part. Very reminiscent of the clubs in Ibiza. The music program is House. Miami has three official languages: English, Spanish and Haitian Creole (French Creole). The percentage of Spanish-speaking native speakers is 67 percent, 25 percent speak English as their mother tongue.

Miami is considered to be ‘drug capital’ No.1. Many tourists are still the killings of 1992 a memorable occasion. However, the crime due to the increased presence of local police in recent years has declined. The Sunshine State is earned to tourism too much money than you could afford to lose tourists by attacks on them.
You should watch actually almost exclusively at night, because you will visit as a tourist, the African-American neighborhoods during the day even by accident. Miami Beach is destined safer than most major German cities. In Miami itself should be Liberty City and Overtown avoid after sunset.

miami at night Miami Travel Guide

miami at night

Rule of thumb for the untrained American tourists, is always careful when the roads and most houses are no longer the best. If you have yet again moved, it is advisable to prefer to repent and seek the next major thoroughfare. Prefer a detour to take, than to be confronted with unpleasant facts, the best course of action.
May otherwise be an increased police presence is responsible for ensuring that they often weigh more in security than in this country.

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Stephney April 11, 2012 at 12:13 pm

Miami is really like a heaven on earth, one of the most favorable place to travel all around the world .


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