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Travel Guide to Mexico City

by WCC on January 17, 2012

in North America

Mexico City , often called Mexico City (Spanish Ciudad de México) is the capital of Mexico , with about 8.7 million inhabitants, the entire metropolitan area has more than 22 million inhabitants and is one of the largest conurbations in the world.

mexico city1 Travel Guide to Mexico City

mexico city

The city has 16 districts, called Delegacion : Álvaro Obregón, Azcapotzalco, Benito Juárez, Coyoacán, Cuajimalpa, Cuauhtemoc, Gustavo A. Madero, Iztacalco, Iztapalapa, Magdalena Contreras, Miguel Hidalgo, Milpa Alta, Tlahuac, Tlalpan, Venustiano Carranza and Xochimilco. These in turn are divided into districts, called Colonias , such as: Condesa and Roma .

The metro is the fastest means of transport in Mexico City, but often overcrowded. At peak times it can occur at certain locations, that does not even come into the car. The current network is available at.

The Avenida de los Insurgentes is operated by the so-called Metrobús. These go in the middle of the road on their own tracks and keep regularly at special stations. A ride costs $ 3.50, regardless of the length of distance traveled. Trips are paid for with a smart card that can be drawn for $ 11.50 from vending machines at each stop. IMPORTANT: Immediately after the card was purchased, it must be activated on the machine. This provides a balance of $ 3.50 will be credited. The prepaid cards work on the principle and can be recharged at the same machine with cash. Machines give no change.
An extension of the route in the Ciudad Universitaria and is scheduled to begin in December 2007.

mexico city at night Travel Guide to Mexico City

mexico city at night

Really is not recommended by the use of a car. The traffic is enormous, and regular traffic jams are a daily occurrence. Speed limits are routinely ignored, which has meant that to be expected everywhere in the streets with hills must brake. Which can partially be enormous, there is caution. In addition to the braking mounds potholes are the second biggest problem. While the major highways and Avendidas have a comparatively good road surface, the smaller streets have extremely deep potholes. (This applies to a large part of the whole country).

mexico city pollution Travel Guide to Mexico City

mexico city pollution

In Mexico City, is warned not to use unlicensed taxis, because it’s already happened that they have robbed their passengers. It should have already been attacks on the road between the airport and metro station, where home-trotting tourists all their luggage was stolen. In the suburbs, be careful, do not be surprised if taxi drivers drive through the red crossing, there are often attacks on cars at intersections! In general, this was limited to specific areas, which are shunned by taxi drivers.
There’s the green taxis (mostly VW Beetle), then the white and the official hotel taxis. White costs about twice as much as green, the hotel taxi about 4 times as much as the white ones. Also, the security can be grouped according to those colors. There are 20 minutes drive from 30 pesos. When it gets dark is required in certain areas increased caution. In certain areas at night should be best not to go longer without a taxi on the street. Some suburbs are also a dangerous place during the day, however, these areas already to terminate in appearance!

mexico city map Travel Guide to Mexico City

mexico city map

Tepito is notorious among other things, the market center of the city. Ideally you should buy cheap repays you as a tourist, leave only with a Mexican friend and go in the morning as possible and valuables at home. Without prior knowledge of the city it is strongly discouraged. Best at the Metro station LAGUNILLA off and on the main road to keep running in the direction of Zocalos eyes and stopping. In smaller side roads are robberies to murders bishin nothing extraordinary. In the main street there are no problems. No company offers whimsical directions or even follow, if necessary, ask the stallholder. Spanish is a prerequisite to recommend healthy skepticism.

mexico city skyline Travel Guide to Mexico City

mexico city skyline

There are areas like the Zona Rosa, Condessa and the Zocalo, where you can also go for a walk at night without any problems. If one occurs something strange, you should listen to his instincts, but these areas are relatively harmless. The ranges of the major markets are critical to later hours. So, as already described and then the Tepito Merced.
If you take the metro bus, to get there on Insurgentes in the direction of Doctor Galvez. There are no problems, even at night, the area rich and secure.
In general: Not too much but also not afraid to act completely stupid. The best way out at night with a group, where a couple should be present, which can best Spanish or Mexicans. Take the Metro is not in outlying areas. At night, the taxi driver to look good and look at whether he is trustworthy, pay attention to the license plate, L, or A as the sign is a licensed taxi.
Also, the VW Beetle are okay, but maybe should be licensed.
Offers like, “I’m coming and show you where to go” refuse could well be a surprise.
General: Mexico City has a bad image, but only in some areas insecurity, which can be easily avoided. With common sense, the city is great.

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