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Mesa Verde National Park

by WCC on March 16, 2012

in North America

Mesa Verde National Park is located in Colorado ( USA ) and has been a UNESCO world heritage site declared. In spring the weather is changeable. Summer temperatures can exceed 30 ° C and in July and August in the afternoon with thunderstorms likely. In the fall, there are warm days in October and it can start to snow.

mesa verde national park Mesa Verde National Park

mesa verde national park

Mesa Verde is a National Park in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Colorado – about 420 km south west of Denver and about 50 km west of the small tourist center in Durango. Northwest between Cortez, 16 km, and Durango, 60 miles east of the park are not too big places with scheduled flights and car rental companies transports public buses that stop on request at the park entrance.

In addition to some larger villages, there are remains of many smaller property in the rock walls. A visit to the particularly well-preserved village of Spruce Tree House is available under the museum. Rangers supervise the ruins and are available to answer questions. For more property located at two separate racing circuits. The more attractive from both the eastern route to Cliff Palace and Balcony House is over. For the tour, you need a tour ticket ($ 2), available at Far View Visitor Center, and only for one of the two villages on the same day. Waiting times are the rule.

mesa verde Mesa Verde National Park

mesa verde

mesa arch canyonlands Mesa Verde National Park

mesa arch canyonlands

mesa verde national park colorado us Mesa Verde National Park

mesa verde national park in colorado, us

For Western Wetherhill Mesa, which is separated from the Chapin Mesa through several canyons and the Long Mesa, Farview Visitor Center operates from a bus (no indivduelle trip possible; registration required). The most important ruins in the area are Wetherhill the Long House and Step, both worth seeing, but after a visit to the Chapin Mesa Dwellings only with great enthusiasm for the culture of the Anasazi.

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