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by WCC on March 17, 2012

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Melilla is a 12.3 km ² (4.7 sq miles) of the autonomous city of Spain and an enclave in the north coast of Morocco. Melilla, together with the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, is one of the Spanish possessions on the African continent. It was as part of the province of Malaga, before 14th March 1995, when the city Statute of Autonomy was considered approved.

melilla Melilla


Melilla (like Ceuta) was a free port before Spain joined the European Union. Starting in 2008, has a population of 73 460. Its population consists of Christians, Muslims (mainly Riffians), and small minorities of Jews. Both Spanish and reef are widespread. Spanish is the only official language, while there have been calls to Tamazight to detect a standardized version of all official languages ​​of the Berbers in Morocco.

Morocco had previously called for negotiations on the future of Melilla and Ceuta, and a number of islands in the Mediterranean Sea bordering. Most residents of the city are of Spanish origin, the idea to oppose ruled by Morocco. A survey of the institute was reviewing that 87.9% of the population of mainland Spain in the two cities account for Spanish.

melilla town view from port Melilla

melilla town view from port

It is located in northwest Africa, near the Alboran Sea and off the coast of Granada and Almeria. The design of the city lies in a wide semicircle around the beach and the port of Melilla, located on the eastern side of the peninsula of Cape Three Forcas, at the foot of Mount Gurugú and the mouth of the Rio de Oro, 1 meter above sea level. The village was originally a fortress built on a hill peninsula, about 30 m.

melilla africa Melilla

melilla africa

Melilla and Ceuta are the only two EU regions in Africa. The Moroccan government has repeatedly called on Spain to the sovereignty of Ceuta and Melilla, the island of parsley, and some other small areas with no permanent population. The Spanish position is that both Ceuta and Melilla are part of the Spanish State and has since the 15th Century have been, centuries before the Moroccan independence from France in 1956. Morocco denies these allegations and claimed that the Spanish presence in or near the coast, a relic of the colonial past, which will be brought to an end. The United Nations list of non-Spanish territories of these areas are not.

melilla town Melilla

melilla town

melilla port Melilla

melilla port

melilla cliffs Melilla

melilla cliffs

melilla city spot Melilla

melilla city spot

melilla city spot 1 Melilla

melilla city spot 1

melilla beach Melilla

melilla beach

melilla sea Melilla

melilla sea

melilla at night Melilla

melilla at night

melilla healing circle Melilla

melilla healing circle

melilla map Melilla

melilla map

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