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Meiji Shrine, Japan

by WCC on March 9, 2012

in Asia

Meiji Jingu, located in the Tokyo district Shibuya in Japan near Harajuku Station , is the Shinto shrine , the souls of the Meiji -tennō and his wife Shoken dedicated-kōtaigo. He is one of the Chokusaisha . The Meiji tennō died in 1912, his wife, 1914th After her death, the shrine became popular in their worship style nagare-zukuri on the former site of the Buddhist monk and later Kami Kato Kiyomasa built (1562-1611). Construction began in 1915 and were completed 1920th The remains of the imperial couple were on 1 November 1920 transferred here. This day is the anniversary of the shrine, which is where the great autumn festival is organized.

meiji shrine 550x412 Meiji Shrine, Japan

meiji shrine

The shrine was the first American bombs of April destroyed in 1945, but rebuilt after the war, what is at the 110,000 einfanden volunteers for the work. The current buildings date from 1958. Meiji tennō and Shoken-kōtaigo share the Dogs and both are revered by their death day with special ceremonies: Shoken kōtaigo-11 April ( Shoken-kotaigō-sai ), Meiji 30 tennō July ( Meiji tennō-sai ). The most important festival of the shrine is the birthday of the Meiji imperial rule on 3 November and lasts five days. Millions of visitors take part in the oriented games and competitions, including traditional dances, singing and music, poetry, Noh , Sumo , Yabusame , films, exhibitions of art, chrysanthemums and floral arrangements, Samurai -arts, fairy tales, tea ceremonies , torchlit processions, cakes, firecrackers and fireworks.

During the first two or three days of the new year ( Hatsumode ) recorded approximately five million visitors to the shrine. The grounds of the shrine consists of three areas: Naien, or the inner area with the shrine buildings, Gaien, or outside the district with an art gallery in memory of Meiji and sports facilities, as well as the Meiji Memorial Hall. These areas are covered by an evergreen forest of 120 000 trees of 365 different species that have been donated by people from all parts of Japan when the shrine was erected. This 0.7 km ² large forest is visited by many people, both for religious reasons, as well as a recreation area in central Tokyo. The Gaien also serves as Zeremonienort for Shinto weddings.

meiji shrine tokyo 550x412 Meiji Shrine, Japan

meiji shrine tokyo

meiji shrine japan 550x366 Meiji Shrine, Japan

meiji shrine japan

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