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Mayotte Island, Africa

by WCC on February 25, 2012

in Africa

Mayotte island – Mayotte is an island in the Indian Ocean. The city of Mayotte is Mamoudzou, small, but only real city. Administrative center. Mall Kawéni and Nel at the periphery. Very active market every day by the sea A cinema, modern but whose programming needs to be improved. A well-stocked library. Departure from the barge to Petite Terre. Everything can be done on foot or by taxi (a collective Euro-race) A modern hospital is being expanded.

mayotte Mayotte Island, Africa


Other destinations
Close to Mayotte: Islands of the Indian Ocean near the Comoros

Until very recently, we could only rely on the Air-France to go to France on Mayotte (via Saint Denis de la Reunion). Henceforth, only the company Réunion Air Austral offers a daily flight from Paris (Charles de Gaulle) to Mayotte for not really cheaper with a stopover on the island of Reunion . Come to Mayotte still costs a lot.
Airport-Dzaoudzi Pamandzi found on Petite-Terre, you will Barger (take a ferry) to get to Grande Terre – transport is repaid of Grande Terre Petite Terre. The airport has recently been upgraded and can now accommodate large aircraft, Boeing 777.

Getting around
Nothing beats the legendary bush taxis to get around cheap on the island. Given the hot and humid tropical climate, it is often very painful to move on foot or by bike, especially when it rains heavily. Many people who use the scooters in fine weather or their personal vehicle for metropolitan posted on Mayotte (approximately 15 € for Barger between Petite and Grande-Terre with a car is much cheaper with a scooter or motorcycle and very cheap with a bike or on foot).

During heavy downpours, provide a good wax and boots (or bare feet) to get around on foot: the soil quickly becomes muddy. With a strong social and economic growth, the fleet has exploded and the road system could not follow because everything was changing. There followed a few jams, mainly in Mamoudzou. It is important to be vigilant: pedestrians, animals, landslides, branches, cars poorly lit or not complying with the code can suddenly cut your way.

mayotte beach Mayotte Island, Africa

mayotte beach

mayotte tourism Mayotte Island, Africa

mayotte tourism

Of Mayotte is easy and not too expensive to travel in Africa: Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa or Madagascar. But it is essentially an airplane that you can leave the island because no boat offers more connection with Madagascar. A boat has recently been called into service to the Comoros, but with very competitive rates. Attention to the dates of the school periods: the flights are full for months in advance.

Most Mahorian do not speak French. Ask preferably to young school age to share. The Shimaore is the language spoken by more than two thirds of the population (migrants Mahorian and Comoros), the other speaking Shibushi. The Shimaore (literally speaking Mahorian) is a variant of Swahili with borrowings from Arabic, French and Malagasy. The Shibushi is a variant of the Malagasy language.

No or little souvenirs to bring apart from the pictures (always ask permission). Crafts are here undeveloped. By cons, you will see on your route made stills. You can then buy the producer of the extract of ylang-ylang (very fragrant, relaxing). Vanilla is excellent and cheap (120 € per kilo in 2006) if you contact a local producer: check with the villagers, do not buy it in supermarkets.

Among the main dishes are made to raise the base Mataba cassava leaves, coconut milk and some fish: one is common to other islands of the Comoros archipelago, as batabata (green bananas, cassava, breadfruit or boiled). Rice is also part of the daily diet. The cuisine is a mixture of influences: Madagascar (romazava), Seychelles (coconut chicken or fish), Reunion (carris and chutney), India (pickles, samosas).Particularly appreciate the Mahorais mabawas (chicken wings) grilled over a wood fire at voulés (picnic). The voulés are great moments of conviviality. They occur mostly on the beaches.

If you come in contact with the population (food not found in restaurants), you may be lucky enough to taste fulgorides (“sacondri” in shimaore, “tsutsunbi” in Kibushi), insect-like delicious prawns, to taste fine, or tenrec (mammal resembling a hedgehog, enjoyed mostly by men). The lobster is delicious, but little fished traditionally animist, is considered the food of jinn (spirits). By cons, the octopus is very popular and is cooked in many ways (grilled, coconut, tomato …).

The cakes are important at all religious holidays: they are made to the mosque and redistributed. We also offer family, friends and neighbors. The tradition of hospitality is always present: we share a meal with people visiting. It is very impolite to refuse.

Westerners often have a limited vision of the culinary culture in Mayotte. We must enter into families to appreciate the richness.

Drink / Exit
Many restaurants that open and just as many that were closed. A list of a variety of dining is available from the Tourist Office, a guarantee of existence of the institution. Beyond the classic restoration, host tables are a growing way to fully enter into the life Mahoran and learn more about the community and its various aspects.
For 2 to 3 €, it is possible to eat in “Moms Brochetti”, present in every village: skewered beef or fried fish as well as mabawa (skewered chicken wings), accompanied, according to the season, banana green, cassava and breadfruit fried and served with the indispensable Putu (chili paste, onions and lemons).

mayotte africa Mayotte Island, Africa

mayotte africa

Where to stay
Big problem if there is one and it lasts and lasts. The ideal solution for those who want to stay still long the SIM (Property Company of Mayotte). Be still vigilant to require compliance with laws and your rights. Reaction of another user: SIM housing are far from ideal for who wants to try to know Mayotte. Located on the outskirts of villages, these ghettos where officials metropolitan living together: here they are called “m” zoungou land “(” m’zoungou “means” white “in shimaore). If you ‘re not afraid of “noise” (the Mahorais and live outside the doors and windows are always open, it is the noise of life), it is best to rent a house in the villages. Reception is warm, here it is a duty to take care of its neighbors.

Some real estate agencies have sprung up since 2000. It is relatively difficult to find accommodation especially during re-entry where newcomers, more and more, stormed the smallest box for lack of space. It is best to check ahead and take precautions. The net is a great way to “reserve a box.” It is also possible to rent directly from Mahorian. But there is word of mouth when you’re there.

The nature of Mayotte is still fairly well preserved because tourism is underdeveloped. Like many countries in developing Mayotte today has many problems of development and management of its waste, mainly in urban areas. This observation is especially true for some areas of Mamoudzou, this is not the case in most villages, where people clean the streets every day.

However, there is an effort to raise awareness on the part of government. A determined effort was also made recently by some municipalities. But much remains to be done. Since 2006, the stores do not distribute plastic bags but the print ad is set up for mailboxes and use cans develops.

The destruction of primary forest is still serious. We are witnessing the appearance of many spots in the landscape: padzas, areas of desertification due to the many cultures (often wild) slash and burn. The Department of Agriculture and Forestry of some 400 agents strong on the ground remains powerless.

Many associations, schools and most recently, municipalities have begun campaigns to raise awareness of environmental protection. Among other serious problems, pollution of rivers is very important. Washing, bathing, or via wastewater, that is the destination stream Mahorian. Virtually no laundry was installed to overcome a serious problem as the growing water shortage. The only wash that were set up take absolutely no account of local customs. Indeed, women are accustomed to do their laundry or sitting, were available to them where the stature of washing feet is a must!

rose sea mayotte Mayotte Island, Africa

rose sea mayotte

mayotte scuba diving Mayotte Island, Africa

mayotte scuba diving

mayotte map Mayotte Island, Africa

mayotte map

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