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by WCC on March 6, 2012

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Mauritania – Mauritania is located in the Western Sahara. Bordering countries are Senegal in the south, Mali to the southeast and east, Algeria in the Northeast and Western Sahara in the north. Mauritania is a country in the Maghreb and West Africa. It is located by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Western Sahara is bounded on the north by Algeria in the northeast of Mali to the east and southeast, and from Senegal in the southwest. It is named after the ancient Berber kingdom of Mauretania, who was later named a province of the Roman Empire, although the modern state has an area well southwest of the ancient kingdom. The capital and largest city is Nouakchott, located on the Atlantic coast.

mauritania Mauritania


The government of Mauritania was sixth August was overthrown in 2008, led a military coup by General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. On 16 April 2009, General Aziz resigned from the army in the presidential elections in the elections of 19 July, he won. Mauritania, about 20% of the population live on less than $ 1.25 per day.

Nouakchott – Capital
Nouadhibou – coastal town in the north near the border with Western Sahara
Rosso – border town on Senegal (river) to Senegal

Other objects
In Mauritania, there are two national parks:
Banc-d’Arguin National Park
Diawling National Park

Mauritania was a French colony until 1960 and was posted on 11/28/1960 independent. Mauritania is a transit country for sub-Saharan Africa. In the northern region is predominantly Muslim and the south (Senegal river) is home to black Africans. The state religion is Islam, Sunni orientation. The main source of income is the promotion of export of iron ore and, with some recent oil discoveries promise economic success. The tourism is little developed.

Getting there
EU citizens require a valid passport and a Mauritania visa. A visa is at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania (Kommandantenstr. 80, 10117 Berlin, phone 030-206 58 83, fax. 030-206 74 750) in Berlin for about 60 €, in the Mauritanian consulate in Rabat (6, rue Thami Lamdawar, BP 207, Rabat-Souissi, tel 00212-37656679, Fax. 00212-37656680) for about 50 € (510 DH) available. Earlier visas were also issued at the border with Morocco. Since 2009 you can no longer rely on it. In Casablanca, it is no longer Mauritanian Consulate.

mauritania green mountains Mauritania

mauritania green mountains

In Mauritania, there is (except in the larger hotels on the payment of hotel bills) currently no acceptance of credit cards. Travelers should have either foreign currency or travelers checks. In an emergency, a money transfer via Western Union office in Nouakchott (phone: 00222-525 33 18, emergency call 641 12 32, Fax 00222 -. 525 54 94, Av Gamal Abdel Nasser, near El Amane) done. Only in Nouakchott, there is an international ATM.

Customs Regulations
Travelers from Europe, duty free import of 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500g of tobacco allowed. The importation of alcohol is permitted for personal use in an amount of up to 2 liters of wine or 0.5 liters of spirits over 22%. When entering these amounts must be declared, however.

Currency may be imported by tourists up to the equivalent of 1000 USD. It should be noted that the local currency Ouguiya not and must not be executed. For higher amounts, the Central Bank of Mauritania approval is required. Receipts should be kept carefully.

When entering customs fees are generally not payable. With increased costs, a fee “Travail pour supplémentaire TS” is collected. This is acknowledged.
The sale of a privately imported Car must be released handled by the Customs Directorate in Noukchott (customs clearance), there are other demands on exit maximum amounts.

There is no cross-border rail link. The railway line leading from a mine in the north across the Sahara to the port of Nouadhibou is the most important link in the country. The longest train traffic here has long been the longest and heaviest in the world. About 200 wagons are pulled by up to four locomotives. The charge: up to 21,000 tons of iron ore. The greatest enemy of the railway line is the sand that is so aggressive that the tracks and the wear parts of the train only 1/6 of normal life have.

Scheduled flights are to Nouakchott and Atar.

Between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott is a daily air-conditioned bus. Departure from Nouadhibou is a 16 clock in Nouakchott by 17 clock. The journey takes five to six hours.

Car and Motorcycle
On the road to reach Mauritania best via Morocco and Western Sahara . From the French border to Nouadhibou about 5,000 km before. Between the Moroccan and Mauritanian border line still exists a section that is not paved (4km). The convoy duty on the Western Sahara is lifted in the border area are many mines, so that the runway should not be abandoned. We will then move to the capital Nouakchott and to Nouadhibou is possible on a new paved road.

Must be accompanied by an internationally valid insurance policy, which ideally includes a French translation. If there is no such insurance has an entry permit at the latest in Nouadhibou be completed. A carnet de passage is not required because the vehicle is registered for a fee of € 10 upon entry into the passport.

Loss of the vehicle necessarily an appropriate local police report must be provided, in order to avoid the high Entzollungsgebühren upon departure.

The official language is Arabic, and is dominated by people with education, mother tongue is an Arabic dialect is Hassaniya. Of educated people also speak French, especially in Nouakchott. There are also numerous local languages. English is not very widespread.

In the fasting month of Ramadan, one should take into account the special features (for example, that public eating and drinking during the day can hurt Muslim practices (except for major hotels)).

sunset mauritania Mauritania

sunset mauritania

mauritania nouakchott Mauritania

mauritania nouakchott

mauritania heads Mauritania

mauritania heads

ouadane mauritania Mauritania

ouadane mauritania

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