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Maspalomas, Spain

by WCC on June 12, 2012

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Maspalomas is an international holiday resort in southern Gran Canaria. The place belongs to the municipality of San Bartolomé. Maspalomas is situated on the southern tip of the Canary Island of Gran Canaria, on the coast of the Atlantic. In the southeastern part of the site is through the dunes of Maspalomas from the sea separately. Maspalomas consists mostly of resorts and associated infrastructure.

maspalomas spain Maspalomas, Spain

maspalomas spain

The dunes of Maspalomas in the south extend over a length of six and a width of one to two kilometers. The sand here is not made ​​of rock debris, but mainly from the surf and alluvial comminuted coral and limestone – the Calima been blown sand from the Sahara is not the original source. Severe storms in the spring of 2006 and in February 2010 addressed to some damage and a lot of sand washed into the sea. In the dunes is the only official nudist area of Gran Canaria. At the lighthouse there is a haven (“La Pond”), in which numerous water birds nest. It is just like the dunes since 1987 under nature protection.

Maspalomas is the oldest resort on the south coast of Gran Canaria. The 68 meter tall lighthouse El Faro, established in 1889. Maspalomas is the tourism dominated. The village has no other relevant sectors. In the vicinity of Montaña Blanca is a ground station, the Spanish Space Agency Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA). There are many shopping centers and amusement parks. A special attraction is about ten kilometers north of Maspalomas Beach, which was during the devastating forest fires in the last days of July 2007 considerable damage, and on 4 Was reopened in August 2008.

maspalomas hotels Maspalomas, Spain

maspalomas hotels

maspalomas dunes Maspalomas, Spain

maspalomas dunes

Maspalomas is the island highway GC-1 and by bus to the airport, Gran Canaria and the island capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and joined the West Coast. The transport network is cheap and good. During the day, and within the Maspalomas / Playa del Inglés in the regional language “Guaguas” called modern buses go global, as a rule in time of 20 minutes.

maspalomas beach Maspalomas, Spain

maspalomas beach

maspalomas Maspalomas, Spain


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