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by WCC on February 28, 2012

in North America

Martinique is an island in the Caribbean and is one of the small Antilles . She is a French overseas department of a French overseas region. The journey from Germany usually leads via Paris. As Martinique is operated as a French overseas department of “domestic airport” Paris-Orly and control the flight from Germany to rule the airport Charles de Gaulle, in Paris you have to go in most cases even the airport.

martinique sunset Martinique

martinique sunset

The people of Martinique is a young people who built since the abolition of slavery May 22, 1848. Of a strong colonial past and a difficult history related to slavery, some individuals may hurt, especially the power relations between European and Martinique. Tensions remain high between certain socio-cultural. In contrast, Martinique enjoy talking about their culture, their history, their island and share their wealth. They appreciate that we are interested in the soul of their island and not just its beaches.

Saint Lucia has two airports , one for the International Airport Hevanorra (UVF) in the south near Vieux Fort and the smaller genannannt George Charles Airport, Vigie also in the capital, Castries flights depart from the main to neighboring islands. The German airline Condor has the winter flight schedule direct flights from Frankfurt to Saint Lucia Hevanorra. Otherwise, with British Airways via London. These can be booked online.

martinique beach Martinique

martinique beach

martinique caribbean Martinique

martinique caribbean

martinique sea Martinique

martinique sea

The official language is French. In addition, the locals speak Creole among themselves. The official language is French. In addition, the locals speak Creole among themselves. In Martinique, in the restaurants very often Lambi (queen conchs) offered. Should according to the Washington Convention is a threatened species as a tourist you do without this food.

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