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Marrakech City of Morocco

by WCC on February 8, 2012

in Africa

Marrakech City of Morocco – Marrakech is a city in Morocco. Marrakech is in addition to Fez , Rabat and Meknes one of the four imperial cities of Morocco.

marrakech resort murano Marrakech City of Morocco

marrakech resort murano

Marrakech is Morocco for all travelers is a must, because nowhere else can you get so much of 1001 as seen here. Marrakech is also called the “Red City” because of its red walls. It has an ideal climate and is the favorite city of the king.

Getting to Marrakech
The international airport of Marrakech is the Aéroport Marrakech Menara (RAK) about 5 km southwest of downtown.
The following airlines fly direct to Marrakech from the German-speaking countries:
- Austrian Airlines from Graz, Salzburg and Vienna (all seasonal only)
- easyJet from Basel
- German Wings from Cologne / Bonn
- Royal Air Maroc from Munich
- Ryanair from Bremen, Frankfurt-Hahn and Weeze
- Swiss from Zurich
- XL Airways Germany from Frankfurt am Main (from May 6, 2011)

A taxi into town costs 150 MAD (about 15 EUR). A table with the prices set directly at the taxi stand. However, this is quite a bit of negotiation to set the price too. The taxi driver demanding Once the MAD 100-130. The best way to claiming that one is pretty often since been gone for 60 and MAD. Or write down the taxi number and stay relaxed. Out of the city, the petit taxi to the airport costs only about 30 MAD.

Just outside the arrival terminal (left at the end of the taxi rank) comes every half hour (from 6:30 to midnight) a bus hits (No. 19), the various places in the city. Costs 20 MAD per person (round-trip ticket 30 MAD), the driver takes but also 2 € (small change). This has the advantage that one does not long to wait at the money exchange office in the airport, but can easily replace the many ATMs in the city center. A plan with timetable is externally mounted on the bus. As one reads that his bus (labeled Aeroport) at the Djemaa el Fna, for example, 9:18, 10:18, 11:18 clock … leaves.

marrakech hotels Marrakech City of Morocco

marrakech hotels

marrakech hotels morocco Marrakech City of Morocco

marrakech hotels morocco

Some travel is performing well, the number 11 bus to the airport. May cost only 0.35 MAD, but he does not hold at the airport, but outside the airport, then another 300 meters to the left until the next main road, look on the street, where people wait for the bus. With luggage quite difficult, because you really can only enter the front and squeeze through his things at the hub must.

Marrakech is easily accessible from the north, coming by train. There are direct flights to Fez via Rabat and Tangier and Casablanka.

There are virtually all major cities of Morocco, direct buses to Marrakech. Partly also from different companies with different standards. Probably the highest standard (modern buses with air conditioning), the private company Supratours, the fast direct non-stop (only pee-u. Coffee break) offers.

Contact: Agence Marrakech 1, G, Ferroviaire Av Hassan II, Tel.0524 43 55 25

Some guides will be shown that a pre-booking is not possible and you can get tickets for only a short-reserve-first-come-first. Current Note: Recent experience shows in March 2011 that a pre-booking was at the ticket counter Supratours (address above) 3 days in advance quite possible.

From northern Morocco, Marrakech can be reached via the motorway coming from Casablanca to Settat. From Settat WORKS only a very busy main road on the continuation of the highway to Marrakech is complete. For the route from Casablanca to Marrakech is currently in two locations means that once a toll of 10 and 63 means that once collected.

Marrakech is located inland and therefore has no boat access.

The small taxis (petite taxi) ride to anywhere in Marrakech, as compared to the European standard and cheap means of transport of choice. Tourists will find that taxi drivers (which applies only to Marrakesh in Morocco, and no other cities) tend to indicate that the taxi meter is not working and start over at the same inflated prices. Who (Arabic is recommended) do not have sufficient language skills has had, as a rule, no chance to do something else. However, one should pay for travel within the city a maximum of 30 MAD 50 MAD often mentioned are clearly overpriced, and lighten up a little negotiating work in most cases very well.

There are some inner-city bus routes. There are two major bus stations near the Djema al Fna. A bus ride costs 3,50 DH. Since there are no signs of the stops, you should ask locals for the right bus number. The departures follow a system clock, but are not signposted.

Attractions in Marrakech
The mosques in Marrakech are for non-Muslims, specifically NOT available, but in the Madrasa Ben Ussuf you can get an idea of ​​the mosques. This restriction is not the way, due to Islamic religious sensibilities, but from the time of the French protectorate of 28 April 1912 to 25th August 1925. The French governor of Marrakech placed great emphasis on a strict separation between local (Islamic) and french (Christian) coined lifestyle. This is reflected in the way of strict separation of habitats, which led to the creation of his time purely French New neighborhoods and Gueliz Hivernage (nowadays the modern Marrakech with grand hotels and European style restaurants and apartment-houses). The normalized time de facto separation of the cultures was still not redefined by law, so that the restriction persists.

Castles and palaces
The Bahia Palace, the palace of Bou Ahmed Groswesir (19 Jd.) Impressed with its interiors and gardens. Of particular note are the Zellij tiles, cedar ceilings and painted woodwork.

To visit there, among other things:
A former Koranic school Ben Youssef Madrasa, the beautiful courtyard with the former palace of El Badi, of which only the foundations remain, but which nevertheless impresses by its size, as well as the many storks that nest on its walls.

marrakech city Marrakech City of Morocco

marrakech city

The Saaditengräben 16th Jd., One of the finest examples of Islamic architecture in the Maghreb. Worth seeing: the Hall of twelve columns – note the tile patterns and carvings made of cedar wood. Because of the long waiting times at the best in the morning or evening, stop by!

Marrakech Museum
Photo museum Maison de la Photographie , 46 Rue Ahal Fès , ☎ +212 (05) 24 38 57 21 , [1] . Young and Unique Museum. Shows material from the beginnings to the modern era of photography in Morocco. Terrace with its food and beverages.

Streets and squares
If you come to Marrakech must unbdedingt the Djemaa el Fna (Square of the Beheaded) see. During the day you will find all kinds of snake charmers and jugglers (Note: Photos are just a small donation, the amount of 300 DH may even exceed it!). Provided since the time of price negotiations, the service is usually already been (lightning attack by several cooperating summoners) is the post-trade clearance limited-Tip strong: hold your own camera until the price has been fixed … Around the square are items sellers are with Orange. You get DH for 4 freshly squeezed orange juice.

From about 16 clock begins the construction of the food stalls. This spectacle is best seen from the terrace of the Café de Paris, the other restaurant with roof terrace, the “Argana”, from which there is also a very good view of the hustle and bustle of the place was, on Apr 28, 2011, unfortunately, a target a bomb attack, in which 18 people were killed, including numerous European tourists. A severe blow to the Moroccans as highly regarded as he brings tourism but the majority of jobs for many Moroccans, who reacted with horror at the deed. The food stalls offer Moroccan cuisine at reasonable prices (recommended!). In the evening, there are numerous musical groups and storytellers on the square. The Djemaa el Fna is the starting point for the souks.

Marrakech is known as a city of parks and gardens. The most famous is the Jardin Majorelle in the north of the city (Entry 40 MAD). The Garden (founded by the French artist Jacques Majorelle) is available to the public since 1947 and includes an impressive Sammmlung of plants from all five continents. 1980 took over the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé and restored him to the garden complex. Tip: Drink a cup of mint tea in the garden necessarily Café!

New Cyber ​​Park is free. It lies between the Jamaa El Fna and Place Liberte, at Ave V. Med throughout the park are modern and open-access Internet terminals throughout the park and there is free wifi. Perfect for in between a wiki to expand article about Marrakesh.
Other famous parks: the Menaragarten (with beautiful views of the High Atlas!) And the Palm aria.

Dar Chérifa, 8 Derb Cherka Lakbir, Mouassine. It is the oldest house in Medina (16th century). The house was renovated in the old tradition and is today a center for writers and artists. There are ongoing exhibitions, readings, painting or cooking classes offered. Or you can simply drink a cup of tea on the terrace on the 2nd Floor.

marrakech square Marrakech City of Morocco

marrakech square

marrakech hotels pool Marrakech City of Morocco

marrakech hotels pool

marrakech food Marrakech City of Morocco

marrakech food

la sultana marrakech Marrakech City of Morocco

la sultana marrakech

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