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Margarita Island – Venezuela

by WCC on June 13, 2012

in South America

The Isla de Margarita is a Caribbean island, the territory of Venezuela belongs. It is part of the Lesser Antilles. It forms the main part of the state of Nueva Esparta. In it the capital of the state, is La Asunción, with its colonial church and the fort of Santa Rosa. Largest city is Porlamar. The area of the island is 1076 km². The southeast is the most densely populated region of Isla Margarita. There is the largest city of the island, Porlamar, which is considered the economic center of Margarita. The town center has narrow streets and alleys with small shops. The most elegant shops are located in the main streets running parallel to each other, “General Santiago Mariño” and “4 de Mayo”. Other shops are the (de Mercado Conejero) in the west and the shopping center “Centro Sambil” in the north. East, where the city spreading and growing, there are modern highways and large residential areas. In 1919 the composer was Inocente Carreño was born. Porlamar has its own international airport.

margarita island Margarita Island   Venezuela

margarita island

Before the arrival of Europeans lived in the Guaiqueri , descendants of the Caribs and Arawaks, the island, which they Paraguachoa called (meaning place with rich fishing grounds), see also Pre-Columbian cultures. During his third expedition discovered Christopher Columbus in August 1498 the island and named it after the occurrence of massive beads (Margarita means pearl). According to tradition, “discovered” him, the Pearl Fishers and the islands to the Spaniards have richly rewarded.

For 1560/1561 around the island was short of the Spaniard Lope de Aguirre hit, which had canceled the Spanish crown, and established a reign of terror on the island. At that time, many think, according to Aguirre, unreliable soldiers killed and much of the indigenous population.

isla margarita Margarita Island   Venezuela

isla margarita

margarita island vacation Margarita Island   Venezuela

margarita island vacation

margarita island beach Margarita Island   Venezuela

margarita island beach

margarita island venezuela Margarita Island   Venezuela

margarita island venezuela

Today, Isla de Margarita is a popular holiday destination in the Southern Caribbean, which constitute the bulk of the German and Dutch tourists. For tourists, the beaches of Playa El Agua and Playa Parguito are developed well in the Northeast. Do not miss the Laguna de la Restinga and the desert-like, scarcely populated peninsula Macanao (both in the West). In the south there is El Yaque, considered as one of the leading wind-surfing spots in the world is. Ferry service from the island’s harbor is, among other Punta de Piedras in Puerto de la Cruz on the mainland.

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rodd day January 16, 2013 at 4:48 pm

I arrived at your site and loved your snaps of Isla Margarita.
My family and I are contimplating moving there and I
wondered whether you had more info regarding cost of
living and if it’s popular with expats.

Regards, Rodd


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