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Manila, Philippines

by WCC on March 3, 2012

in Asia

Manila is the capital of the Philippines . Manila has almost 1.7 million inhabitants and is part of Greater Manila, home to some 21 million people.

manila 550x355 Manila, Philippines


Seven miles outside of town is the largest airport in the Philippines, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport . About this be achieved probably the most tourists to the Philippines. The flight time is 14-18 hours depending on the flight line and connection. Currently, the only airline to reach the Manila direct flight, the Dutch airline KLM (starting from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Flight time approximately 14 hours). All other airlines require at least one time change with a correspondingly longer duration.

Manila enjoys the reputation of hosting one of the worst Verkehrschaosse the world. Especially in the early evening hours, between 17-21 Clock, one moves back and forth often barely. A route that only takes 15 minutes at night can then go on for ever and a half hours. Traffic should be planned whenever get around in the evening.

The easiest way is to get around in Manila taxis , which are very favorable. Unless one is traveling in Manila, taxis are the most comfortable means of transportation because they are usually equipped with air conditioning. The taxi stand in front of the hotel or the airport, have some higher prices (and often give themselves to recognize as a hotel by taxi). If you find a taxi, a protection that men often help a taxi beckoning. Generally taxis everywhere, even in the middle of four lanes to accommodate a passenger. In some areas there are special taxi entry points where you have to stand in a queue to get a taxi, for example, at the Landmark Mall. When boarding you should make sure that the driver turns the meter, otherwise the final price can sometimes be a little astronomical. The ride begins at 40 pesos and peso will cost a further 500 meters. Rarely exceeds the fare in the city of 150 pesos, the trip from Manila to the airport costs about 120 pesos (reasonably fluent traffic condition). Tipping is optional, but ten percent are welcome.

The jeepneys are once emerged from the legacy of the U.S. Army and has long been a landmark in Manila. The abandoned jeeps were rebuilt and used as public transport. They are still built, although originally converted Willy’s models for a long time are no longer available. The newer models have a full stainless steel outer skin. The jeepneys are virtually omnipresent in the city and look like elongated jeeps and are usually brightly colored, often with religious themes. On the sides are the routes of jeepneys struck. They usually go relatively short distances, usually only a certain street up and down. Get off at the next intersection, you have to (go) out and into the next jeepney. The vehicles are not air-conditioned and often crowded, so a trip can be quite an experience. A jeepney to stop it proposes simply on the roof. In the event that you sit back and not come close in on the driver, you are to pay (usually 10 pesos for about 3 km distance) simply his neighbors money. It is sufficient then, at some point it comes to the front with the driver.

Who does not want to give up air conditioning, or want to travel long distances can on buses draw. Manila also has two tracks : The Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) . The former runs between five and nine in the morning clock in the evening between Baclaran (airport) along Taft and Rizal Avenue to Monumento. The MRT runs along EDSA from Taft Avenue to Quezon City to North Avenue.

Very conveniently, the various American fast food chains , which are found virtually everywhere in Manila. McDonalds, Burger King and KFC are very cheap, a meal costs about 120 PHP. Starbucks also well established in Manila and is found very often. In addition, there are still other chains (eg, tokyo tokyo) and street stalls where you can get traditional Filipino dishes and fresh juice (be sure to try it green mango juice) for very little money.

Generally, food is going to the Philippines very cheap, although not limited to fast food. In general, you will have trouble eating for more than 15 €. A very good selection of restaurants in the middle Presiklasse found for example in Fort Bonifacio, that usually only The fort is named. A very pleasant restaurant with Filipino cuisine, the Pier One , where you can sit outside and curry or Sizzler – a kind of fried ground beef – should ever try. The many other restaurants in The Fort adjacent to offer international cuisine. A culinary world tour in Greenbelt , Makati experience, where you can find not only restaurants but also bars many from around the world. Unfortunately, the quality of the food varies greatly from restaurant to restaurant.

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manila sunset

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manila beach

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Haroon Kiani July 10, 2012 at 11:21 pm

Beautiful Article and very nice written .
No doubt manila is beautiful and more people like to go there for holidays.
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