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Máncora – Peru

by WCC on June 12, 2012

in South America

Mancora is a Peruvian fishing village and tourist center with about 13,000 inhabitants in the Pacific. It is located north of the country in the region of Piura and only about one and a half hours (by car) south-west of the Ecuadorian border. Larger cities are near Tumbes , about 85 km north-east, Talara , about 60 km south-west, and Piura , located about 200 km south Máncoras. The route from Lima via Piura generally leads: 14 hours overnight by bus to Piura and then 3 to 4 hours by bus or smaller 6-8-

Because its long distance of kilometers of beaches are famous for their delicate, pale yellow sand. That makes them in conjunction with the clear, 24 to 28 degrees warm water and the dry, tropical climate with temperatures between about 17 and 36 degrees and sunshine daily for tourists very attractive.

Even the perfect surf spot in this part of the Pacific coast during the summer months from November to February especially appreciated. Here are some of the best left-handed waves in the country. In addition to a point directly on the beach in the center are also located in the vicinity Máncoras other famous surf spots such as Los Organos and Cabo Blanco.

The inhabitants live mainly from tourism Máncoras, which are mainly looking for domestic travelers find respite. In winter, however, outweigh foreign tourists. With a variety of catering establishments, shops, doctors, internet cafes, banks and hospitals Máncora has a good infrastructure.

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