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Managua, Nicaragua

by WCC on March 3, 2012

in North America

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua and at the same council of the same region. With 1,140,506 inhabitants Managua is also the country’s largest city and main transport hub. At the site of Managua was originally an Indian settlement called Managuac. In 1819 there was founded the city of Managua under the official name “Leal Villa de Santiago de Managua. In 1885 the city got the status of capital to the rivalry in this respect between the cities of Granada and León to settle. In 1979 the city suffered great damage from bombing and military actions during the civil war in Nicaragua. During the nineties, after the Civil War, knew the city again to develop into a modern city.

managua Managua, Nicaragua


The fare for a bus in the city currently stands at 2.5 Cordoba. If you do not know which bus to take you can usually ask someone near the stop. There is no map of Managua where the bus lines are marked, most people try the routes rather than simply to memorize. In Managua’s Central American University (Universidad Centro Americana) located, including the affiliated Institute for the History of Nicaragua and Central America (Instituto de Historia de Nicaragua y Centro America).

lake managua Managua, Nicaragua

lake managua

managua nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua

managua nicaragua

managua antigua de catedral1 Managua, Nicaragua

managua antigua de catedral

Nicaragua has been named the safest country in Central America. Figures from Interpol and the United Nations indicate that Nicaragua is statistically the lowest crime rate in Central America. Managua is a little less safe than in the rest of the country, but most Central American standards, a safe city. In comparison to some of the neighbors know Nicaragua, nor the city of Managua, major problems with gangs. As in all Central American countries and the United States, the MS 13-gang also active in Nicaragua, but the land has the lowest number of gang members. It is just there to avoid the unsafe neighborhoods and not on the street nighttime hangouts.

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