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Mali Tourism

by WCC on January 13, 2012

in Africa

Mali is in Africa . Neighboring countries Mauritania , Algeria , Niger , Burkina Faso , the Ivory Coast , Guinea and Senegal . Cities of Mali are Bamako (The Capital), Mopti, Timbuktu, Gao.

mali beach 2 Mali Tourism
mali beach

Getting to Mali

We can go there by aircraft. Point Afrique : flies once a week in Bamako and Mopti / Sevare (arrival on Sunday, returning to Paris on Monday) from Paris to. The flights are set to Gao at the time. (February 2009). Air France : It flies almost daily from Paris to Bamako. By train.

The only railway line linking Mali Bamako with Dakar. She is not in good condition and drives very irregular. Although it is rare in Mali comes to theft should be especially careful at train stations, as when entering and exiting because of the crowd to offer good opportunities for pickpockets. By bus and car. There are bus services between Mali and Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Senegal. The Bradt guide mentioned in the bus from Ouahigouya to Koro does not exist. However Bacheés run between the two cities. It is advisable to be early at the bus station, who also may mean waiting a long time. Who from Ouagadougou to come should expect to spend a night in Ouahigouya, before he can continue to travel to Mali. It is possible to enter from all the neighboring countries with the car. Coming from the north, however, should know what he’s doing. Although the situation in recent years has probably improved. But if you are in the Sahara alone RECOURSE by car or proceeds may be in real danger of death. It is therefore advisable to team up with others or to be led by an expert in the area. By Ship theoretically it is possible by boat from Senegal (on the river Senegal) or from the Niger to enter (on the river Niger) to Mali. This option, however, barely noticed in practice.

mali map Mali Tourism
mali map

Besides the official language is French, spoken at least in the larger towns by many people, there are numerous indigenous languages ​​such as Mali or Songhai, Fulani, Bambara. Most languages ​​are spoken with several naturalized dialects, which vary from place to place. Many Malians more of these languages ​​are easily understood. With French, does one get well – not only with English.

Shopping in Mali
In the artisan market in Bamako, there are beautiful ceilings, wooden masks and woven Fulbehüte buy. Are cheaper to buy these products but mostly in Mopti and Djenne.

mali mosque 2 Mali Tourism
mali mosque in djenne
mali losinj city 2 Mali Tourism
mali city

Mali is in the range of three climate zones :
- The southern Sudanese zone with an annual rainfall 700-1000 mm;
- The Sahel, with an annual rainfall of 200 to 400 mm;
- The very dry sub-zone in the north, which is determinative of about 40% of Mali.
There are in the country three seasons : the (almost non-existent in the north) rainy season from June to October, the cooler dry season from November to February and a very hot dry season from March to May The average temperature in Bamako in January is 17-33 ° C in April and from 25 to 39 ° C. In the north, the temperatures in the cool season, between 13 degrees and 27 degrees during the night. In the hot season it cools off even at night only to 29 degrees during the day it is on average about 43 degrees hot!
In February, after the cool dry season usually blows from the northeast of the hot, dry harmattan. The best time to visit is from November to early March.

malian food 2 Mali Tourism
malian food
malian cuisine 2 Mali Tourism
malian cuisine
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mali tower
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malian drink
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