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Malang, Indonesia

by WCC on June 13, 2012

in Asia

Malang is the eighth largest city of the Indonesian island of Java . It is located in the eastern part of the island. Malang is surrounded by the regions Tumpang, Batu Singosari and doors. At the time of Asian crisis , the city remained largely unscathed by the effects and could develop unhindered. During the Dutch colonial period and because of its proximity to the port of Surabaya, Malang was a popular tourist destination in Indonesia living Europeans.

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The history of Malang goes back to the 8th Century. In the 17th Century was initially incorporated into the Malang Mataram region and later colonized by the Dutch. 1879 Malang was connected to the network of railway lines of Java, this drove the industrialization continues. The growing population, the government faced with new problems, the focus is on the question of affordable housing for the population.The total size of Malang is 124.456 km 2 . In the north it borders the city of Pasuruan, Lumajang the east and the west by Batu. East of town is an extensive volcanic massif, including the Mount Bromo (a tourist attraction) and Mount Semeru to the highest mountain in Java. Both volcanoes are active, ash eruptions of Semeru done several times an hour.

In Malang has about 780,000 people, the population density is 5.000-12.000/km 2 . The growth rate is 3.9% per year. In Malang live mostly Javanese and Maduraner, a small percentage are Arabic and Chinese descendants. The largest language group is the Javanese in Malang.The majority of the population are Muslims, the minority are Catholics, Hindus and Buddhists.

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night malang city

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malang indonesia

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