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Maine, United States of America

by WCC on March 7, 2012

in North America

Maine is the easternmost state of New England . It is characterized by rugged landscapes and coastlines, and glaciers. The extensive forests in the country have given the state its unique character and also the capital’s population . The largest city is Portland . Maine is one of the most sparsely populated states of the United States . The first European settlement took place in 1607 in the area of the present city of Phillipsburg, was soon abandoned. Since 1625 were some settlers from New Hampshire in 1635 and French settlers who named it after her native France, Maine. In the same year the country was on the Plymouthkompanie, who was assigned by James I, to two private individuals, George Mason and surrendered, and after the latter’s death in 1652 largely in Massachusetts left for sale. Since it formed a part of it. As early as 1792, it demanded to be taken as an independent state in the Union, however, is only a peculiar state since 1820 and assumed the title of the Commonwealth of Maine.

maine Maine, United States of America


In the St. John Valley and in the far north of the state, there are some French speakers. Especially in Lewiston-Auburn region of another Indian language tradition exists. Maine shares land borders with New Brunswick , Quebec and New Hampshire . For visitors from overseas is the starting point of Boston . There are buses from Boston to Maine’s major cities, and Amtrak provides the Downeaster also a train service from Boston’s North Station to Portland to. To reach remote areas, but a car is necessary. Many visitors rent a car in Boston and then to the Interstate 95th The trip from Boston to Portland and takes two hours to Bangor for another two hours. Many airlines offer direct flights to Portland and Bangor from most cities in the northeastern United States. Bay Ferries offers fast ferry service from Yarmouth in Nova Scotia to Portland and Bar Harbor through.

To get ahead in Maine, a car is essential. North and west of Bangor , the public road network is thin. Private land owners often have here most of the existing roads, so that before permits to drive on the roads must be obtained. Hikers should act carefully and know how to deal with a map and a compass. It also requires weather protection clothing. Maine has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States . Violent crime is rare, but visitors should take care of their property. The risk of wild animals to come to harm, is also low, but mosquitoes can be exasperating. Automobile accidents involving moose can be fatal for both the animal and for the occupants of the vehicle. Consequently, it is the safest solution in areas that are inhabited by moose to slow down. Many, but not all stretches of road where there is a risk of Elchkollision are marked with appropriate signs. Driver from warmer regions should think twice before on snow and ice covered roads to drive.

maine portland Maine, United States of America

maine portland

maine bar harbor Maine, United States of America

maine bar harbor

The climate is generally healthy. The winter is severe and of long duration, a spring one hardly knows, and in summer the temperature rises often to 36 ° C. Night frosts are just not available from early June to mid September. For months, lakes and rivers are covered with ice, and Bangor on the Penobscot is inaccessible because of ice on average 125 days a year.

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