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Magnetic Island, Australia

by WCC on April 26, 2012

in Australia

Magnetic Iceland or in the language of their native inhabitants, Yunbenun is 50.9204 km ² great Australian island with a population of 2107. It is located off the east coast of the southern North Queensland and is part of the city of Townsville .The island in 1770 by British Captain James Cook and his crew discovered for Europe. Than those in the ship Endeavour sailed past, played her compass crazy, so Cook suggested that the island consists of magnetithaltigem rock. However, this is probably not the case, because such an event has, not known to be repeated to this day, and it is unclear why at that time indicated the wrong compass.

Magnetic Island 550x412 Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Island

At that time lived on the island of Aborigines who Wulgurukaba or Nyawaygi , who called the island “Yunbenun” (the name of the companies is uneven). 1864/1865 was at the nearby mouth of the Ross River in Townsville founded the settlement, which includes the magnetic island today. In the Second World War, Townsville became an important location for the military to a possible invasion of Australia by the Japanese army to ward off. At that time were on Yunbenun fortifications built, which probably served to monitor and protect air and sea. The area was spared from Japanese attacks. The remains of these fortifications, “The Fort” mentioned, which are located in the northeast of the island can be visited today.

In recent decades the importance Yunbenuns increased significantly as a recreational and tourist area, and with it its people. Magnetic Iceland lies in the humid tropics . The monthly mean daily minimum and the maximum temperatures, between 13 and 32 ° C. The average annual rainfall is around 1200 mm, which covered about two-thirds in the three-to four-month rainy season from December to March, which is also in the rest of the warmest time of the year.

Magnetic Island Sunset 550x412 Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Island Sunset

Magnetic Islands 550x412 Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Islands

Magnetic Island Queensland 550x412 Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Island Queensland

Magnetic Island Map Location Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Island Map Location

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