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Madrid, Spain

by WCC on March 20, 2012

in Europe

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The Madrid region, with about six million inhabitants of the largest cities in Europe. Madrid (without suburbs) with around 3.3 million people to London and Berlin, the third largest city in the European Union. Madrid has for centuries been the geographic, political and cultural center of Spain (see Castilla) and the seat of Spanish government. Here reside the King, a Catholic archbishop as well as important administrative and military authorities. As a trading and financial center of the city has national and international importance.

madrid Madrid, Spain


In Madrid, there are six public universities and several other universities, theaters, museums and cultural institutions. The people of Madrid are called “Madrilenos” (Spanish madrileƱos) or “Madrid”. Madrid is located in central Spain, 667 meters above sea level. Sea level , making it the highest capital in the European Union. From the small river Manzanares -carrying part of the city historic landscape of Castile, and is located in the plateau, the plateau of Castile.

Northwest of the city rise the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama, in the PeƱalara rise to 2429 m high. To the east the valley opens up the Henares, in the iron and highways to Zaragoza and Barcelona run. About 50 km south on the Tagus (pronounced speedometer), is Madrid’s “mother city”, the ancient Castilian capital of Toledo. However, it belongs to another autonomous region of Spain, namely, Castilla-La Mancha.

madrid spain Madrid, Spain

madrid spain

madrid skyline Madrid, Spain

madrid skyline

madrid plaza mayor Madrid, Spain

madrid plaza mayor

madrid europe Madrid, Spain

madrid europe

madrid city Madrid, Spain

madrid city

madrid at night Madrid, Spain

madrid at night

real madrid Madrid, Spain

real madrid

pin it button Madrid, Spain

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