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Madagascar is an island off the southeast coast of Africa. Madagascar (officially the Republic of Madagascar , malagasy Repoblikan’i Madagasikara , French République de Madagascar ), with about 20.5 million inhabitants and an area of 587 041 square kilometers, according to Indonesia ‘s second largest by area of the island nation in the world. The presidential republic with a coastline of 4828 kilometers, is located off the east coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean . The former French colony has the typical characteristics of economic development land on.



The coastal town of Morondava in western Madagascar lies directly on the Mozambique Channel. It is one of the more touristy cities better in Madagascar, which does not mean a huge amount of tourists come. Quite the opposite is the case, but there are some stay at good to very good opportunities to go or eat. The beach of Morondava is wide, long and clean. He falls flat into the sea and is therefore mostly due to the mild waves for children (under supervision) are suitable. Diving is from Morondava due to the lack of reefs is not quite possible, but several providers offer multi-day trips by boat (engine – or sail boat) to Belo sur mer on where diving is a result of extensive coral reefs may well at.

Many famous attractions are within day trip distance of Madagascar Morondava ( Avenue of the Baobabs , dry forest Kirindy , Belo sur mer) or are removed within 1-2 days to reach (eg, UNESCO World Heritage Tsingy de Bemaraha ). Therefore, Morondava is as a base from which to explore these attractions.

Fort Dauphin
The town of Fort Dauphin in the south of the island, facing the sea. With 2-3 good hotels and accommodation is possible to go above and quad excursions to national parks. The beaches are miles long and lonely – only a few fishermen and women, the fruits are transported to another place to be seen.

madagascar africa Madagascar

madagascar africa

Other objects
Nosy Be is the principal tourist center, inspired by white sand beaches and rich marine life. Nosy Boraha (Ile St. Marie), is located on the northeast coast of Madagascar, a former haven for pirates. Of these, an old pirate cemetery bears witness to a projection in the bay to the west of the island. While on the west coast of the majority of the population lives and, accordingly, most hotels and can be observed in late summer, whales very well, the empty and by a reef protected sandy beaches on the almost uninhabited east coast compilation by a hike and a brackish water lagoon with mangrove forest a Boats can be achieved. Unfortunately, Nosy Be is made mainly by its sex tourism (often including minors) are known. It may therefore be making a very unpleasant to ordinary tourists there between predominantly white older men leave. Other places of Madagascar are therefore preferable.

Getting there
Entry Requirements
It is possible to buy a visa on arrival at the airport directly to Antananarivo. The current price is after the last increase of 140 000 Ariary (about 54 €, January 08).

From Germany there are currently no direct flights to Madagascar (the connection from Munich was discontinued several years ago). The Air France may be of various airports in Germany (Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich), changing at Paris to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, or fly to Nosy Be.

Furthermore, the Madagascan flying airline Air Madagascar from Paris and Milan to Antananarivo. The connection to the Air Madagascar flights from Paris can be reached easily by shuttle flights, Lufthansa or Air France. Similarly, the French charter airline Corsair commutes between Paris (Orly) and the Malagasy capital. There are regular flights from Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, Kenya, Hong Kong and Thailand.
(December 2006)

Madagascar is approached from time to time by the cruise ships that dock but usually only for a short time and then mostly in the south in Fort Dauphin. Another possibility may be a container ship, Madagascar (mostly the port city of Toamasina) approach on a regular basis, but this should be scheduled several weeks. Otherwise there is no scheduled ferry connections to Madagascar.

There is a railway line from Fianarantsoa to Manankara.

The official languages ​​are Malagasy and French . The local language is called the Malagasy country. It is spoken in many dialects. English is spoken only in major cities and even there only a few people. French is also an advantage. In the hinterland, such as in small villages, even French is often no longer understood. It is therefore advisable to bring along a local guide who can also act as an interpreter.

The currency is the Ariary Malagasy. 10 000 Ariary equivalent to 3.77 euros or 5.72 SFr. 1 Euro is about 2650 Ariary and 1 corresponds to CHF 1,750 Ariary (as of April 2009). As another currency, the euro can be seen in Madagascar, which is accepted by many dealers. However, you usually get less for their Euros than Ariary and gets his change in Ariary, therefore it is advisable to change money. A redemption by Ariary in euro recently formally possible, but at a comparatively low price.

Exchanging money should not be on the black market, but only in authorized exchange offices. The replacement certificates should be repealed since it is possibly required for the exit afterwards. Usually obtained in official agencies with a very fair price.

Ariary should not actually be executed, but the regulations are no longer as strict as in the past.
ATMs are by last level of knowledge (May 2008) available in the capital and larger in a few cities (including Morondava). On these machines, money can be raised with VISA card. This works usually without problems. Who wants to withdraw money using traveler’s checks, should keep their receipts from the sales thereof, as banks take no other traveler’s checks. In smaller places can you withdraw money – even with Visa or Amex card – may be difficult, so you should always replace a larger amount of cash (preferably in euros) to have it. Other currencies (including dollars, or CHF) are often not accepted.

In local markets (especially the souvenir purchase) is normal behavior, but should not be exaggerated. The goods offered are usually already relatively inexpensive and you have the people not yet in addition to the already meager wages anyway bring. Completely miss out on action is not good, because otherwise it might be possible prices explode quickly.

madagascar island Madagascar

madagascar island

madagascar beaches Madagascar

madagascar beaches

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madagascar landscape

madagascar lemur Madagascar

madagascar lemur

madagascar baobabs tree Madagascar

madagascar baobabs tree

madagascar sunset Madagascar

madagascar sunset

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madagascar map

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