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Mackay, Queensland, Australia

by WCC on June 1, 2012

in Australia

Mackay is a city in the Australian state of Queensland with 67 900 inhabitants. Mackay is located 900 kilometers north of Brisbane , the capital of Queensland . Mackay in more than a third of Australian are sugar produced, so the city is also called “sugar capital of Australia”. The annual average temperature of Mackay is located at 23 ° C.

Mackay Queensland 550x389 Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Mackay Queensland

Mackay is located in the vicinity of Eungella National Park , the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands , which are seen tourism is very important for the region of Mackay. But Mackay is not a typical Australian tourist, but more as a stop when tourists for example, traveling to the Whitsunday Islands are.

One of the first European was the discoverer James Cook , which the coast of Mackay on 1 Reached in June 1770. In 1918 Mackay was a powerful tropical cyclone struck.

Mackay is on the railway line from Brisbane to Cairns. This is supported by Queensland Rail operates (QR). It occurs mainly freight. These include the transportation to the port. The passenger is limited to tourist trains and a train from Brisbane to Cairns. Mackay has a modern station with a platform.

Mackay 550x366 Mackay, Queensland, Australia


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