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by WCC on February 2, 2012

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Macedonia ( Macedonian Македонија, Albanian Maqedonia, officially the Republic of Macedonia / Republika e Maqedonisë) is a landlocked country in southeastern Europe. Because of the name dispute with Greece is he as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (English Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia shortly FYROM) refers. Macedonia was in 1946 when southern republic of socialist Yugoslavia, in 1991, somewhat later than the other Federation members Croatia and Slovenia, their independence proclaimed. Since December 2005, Macedonia has the status of a candidate to the EU.

macedonia landscape Macedonia

macedonia landscape

The mother tongue of the majority of the population is Macedonian, the language with the second largest number of native speakers of the Albanian. In addition, regionally is also Turkish, Serbian and Romani spoken. Many Roma have however adopted the language of the residential area.

Macedonia is a mountainous landlocked country in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula and is bordered to the north-west situated in the Kosovo, on the northeast by Serbia to the east by Bulgaria, on the south by Greece and the west by Albania. The Republic of Macedonia takes a portion of the geographic region of Macedonia, and has many basins.

macedonia mountain Macedonia

macedonia mountain

macedonia europe Macedonia

macedonia europe

macedonia city Macedonia

macedonia city

macedonia Macedonia


macedonia map Macedonia

macedonia map

macedonia girls Macedonia

macedonia girls

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