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by WCC on March 9, 2012

in North America

Louisiana is a state of the South of the United States. Regions: Louisiana, regions, Greater New, Orleans, Acadiana, Central, Florida Parishes, & North. The Cities in Louisiana are Baton Rouge is the state capital. And also New Orleans.

lousiana new orleans Louisiana

lousiana new orleans

Louisiana is known for its unique history, their empires of oil development / gas and seafood, its music, its unique cultural composition, including the Cajun culture of Southwest Louisiana and Creole culture that dominates a while, their vast swamps, bogs, and sugar and cotton plantations along its waterways.

The heat in Louisiana can often become unbearable especially during the summer months. Persons other than the South must understand that the humidity can make you feel how hot it made more effectively. Seek shade, wears baggy (preferably white) and remember to drink plenty of water to avoid heat illness.

lousiana Louisiana


lousiana landscape wallpaper Louisiana

lousiana landscape wallpaper

lousiana oak alley Louisiana

lousiana oak alley

Only since 1916, English was declared the official language, it is spoken everywhere. After two centuries of francophonisation mass in the region, the legacy is still very much as 7% of the population speaks French and much of the population can understand a little conversation. Teaching French came back strongly in state schools, teachers from France or Quebec strengthen the workforce already present.

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