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Los Angeles

by WCC on January 17, 2012

in North America

Los Angeles is a great city that we in the district articles have split. There are possibly more accurate information and comprehensive lists! By 1500 the population of present-day Los Angeles metropolitan area by about 300 to 500 Tongvá Indians is described. 1542 sailed the Spanish explorer Juan Cabrillo in San Pedro Bay and claimed the area for the Spanish crown. Governor Felipe de Neve 1781 recruited 44 settlers to this area in one pueblo to start. Only in 1835 the city of Los Angeles and at the same time as the capital of Mexico’s most northern region of Alta California collected. A first boom caused the population to grow to 2228 people. After hostilities between the U.S. and Mexico, Los Angeles in 1850 part of the newly founded State of California. The population increased rapidly, reaching now to 1930, about 1.23 million for the urban area. Today, the city of Los Angeles approximately 3.95 million inhabitants, the metropolitan area is now with about 17.5 million inhabitants, however, among the largest metropolitan regions in the world.

los angeles Los Angeles

los angeles

The climate in the Los Angeles area is hot and dry, between April and October rains usually do not, resulting in the fall to extremely high fire danger. In this time of year are often extensive wildfires and you would do well to follow the local news, especially if it is to go into the outlying areas.

Note: In this weather phenomenon Santa Ana Winds can be very hot. There were already about 40 ° C measured.
The Los Angeles International Airport, LAX briefly, is the largest and most important airport of the city and throughout California. It lies about 20 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and 10 miles south of Santa Monica and is used by several airlines from the German-speaking direct flights (all will be in Tom Bradley International Terminal, short TBIT handled,):
Air Berlin from Dusseldorf (seasonal only) and from March 2012, from Berlin-Tegel
Lufthansa from Frankfurt and Munich
SWISS from Zurich
Alternatively there may also transfer connections, for example, on New York City. It should be noted here, however, the size of the U.S. – a domestic flight from the East to the West Coast takes about six hours, crossing several time zones.

los angeles city Los Angeles

los angeles city

The entire Los Angeles region is crisscrossed by a dense well as overcrowded highway system. When unfamiliar with this area should be a good map on hand or using a navigation system. For long distances or driving the car in the border areas is unavoidable, but the time required may vary materially from the forecast. In the rush hour traffic is using a similar Friday afternoon on Germany’s motorways as expected, but just in ten tracks. Sometimes it’s quicker for vehicles with at least two occupants in the so-called car pool lanes. If you want to rent a car, then the recommended already from Germany (eg on the ADAC). It is much cheaper than locally made and it is amazing sometimes what sports cars are available for the smallest class gets.
Parking is relatively expensive in LA. Parking garages often cost 2, – dollars and more per hour. On Hollywood Boulevard even per quarter hour. Here it is in the side streets quickly cheaper if you do not mind the tattoo-and sex-shops. Assuming you still has daylight.

los angeles downtown Los Angeles

los angeles downtown

Although Los Angeles is more focused on cars and has a comparatively weak extensive public transport offer, it is now for some real targets and time-saving alternative. However, for true flexibility and travelers with little time to own the car is still the first choice. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates under the brand name Metro more modes of transport:

Metro Local Service
This bus network with several hundred lines extending over the whole city area. In principle, can be reached more remote areas, but then there are often coupled with a number of transition and travel times of several hours. (Must be discouraged for safety at night for many areas of the buses) for short distances during the day but also for tourist buses are easy to use and safe. A long bus ride can be quite an experience, because the passenger composition changes over longer distances to the same extent as the urban areas traversed.

los angeles map Los Angeles

los angeles map

Los Angeles Public Library, 630 W. Fifth Street. A rather hidden gem is the Public Library of the City of Los Angeles, which provides in its interior with interesting architecture including old painted wooden ceilings and a church-like tower hall. Admission is not charged, the rooms are available during normal opening times. For those interested, there is also a (14.00 Mon-Fri 12.30, Sat 11.00 and 14.00, Sun) to two tours a day
Walt Disney Concert Hall, 111 S. Grand Avenue (corner of 1st Street). The Music Hall opened in October 2003, is another architectural highlight in modern architectural history of Los Angeles. The spectacular building designed by architect Frank Gehry is worth seeing and should be included on a tour through downtown with. Interior tours with guided audio tours are also available ($ 10).

los angeles skyline mountain Los Angeles

los angeles skyline mountain

Union Station, 800 N. The Central Station Alameda St. Los Angeles, designed by John Parkinson and his son Donald B. Parkinson, who also designed the Town Hall of Los Angeles and the company since the end of the 19th Century, many important buildings in the city its stamp imprinted. The architecture combines Spanish Colonial, Mission Revival and late Art Deco architecture with Moorish details such as the eight-pointed stars. On both sides of the waiting room there is patio, courtyard gardens. Travelers leaving the trains were originally from the southern garden. The lower part of the interior walls is covered with travertine marble and the upper part with an early form of acoustic tile. The floor in the waiting room with terracotta tiles in the center and covered with marble (including travertine, a little unusual in floors since it is soft). Other parts of the floor of the station are colored tiles with Aztec influences. South of the main building joins a small masterpiece, the remarkable station restaurant, which was designed by the architect active in the Southwest Mary Colder. The restaurant was the last “Harvey House” restaurant, which was erected at railway stations.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City. Even though crowds a la Disneyland are not everyone’s thing, at Universal Studios, you will pass barely. Admission is steep (eg, 1 day with preferred admission to all attractions: over 100, – U.S. $, as of 2011), can be modified by using the ubiquitous (eg tourist information) available discount coupons, or a previous online purchase on 43 U.S. $ (old value) reduced. On offer is perfect for entertainment together with American entertainment market turmoil. In any case one should the 45-minute moderated, tour the studios and sets to participate, there is much to see, what one knows from the movie and was filmed here, by Bates Motel from Psycho , and film-set of the crashed 747 from War of the Worlds , as well as many special effects. One learns a lot about just driving and running projects currently under construction, for example through scenes. Also recommended is the incredibly elaborate homemade stunt show Water world – the way it is on the green seats really wet, it’s no idle threat. Getting there: By car parking fees are also payable (12-20 U.S. $, as of 21:08:08), a good and inexpensive alternative to the subway (Red Line to Universal City) and then directly with the free shuttle to the entrance.

los angeles lakers Los Angeles

los angeles lakers

Getty Center
Getty Center, 1200 Getty Center Drive. If you have even a little interest in modern architecture, has the Getty Center in Brentwood to view the Santa Monica Mountains. No museum in the world ever had a budget of one billion dollars and what architect Richard Meier has made of it is really worth visiting, even if the interest is also a number of spectacular art treasures should not. The museum is funded by the Getty Foundation, admission is free. As the museum is located just outside, to arrive by car is advisable (Directly on I-405 Freeway, exit Getty Center). Contrary to the indications in many guidebooks is a pre-registration for the car park is no longer necessary and is no longer possible. Who comes first, so it can park at the foot of the museum ($ 7 parking fee), then it goes up by funicular railway (monorail) to the museum. Photo friends should bring a good wide angle lens to go beyond the dimensions of a ‘normal’ camera (bring a tripod-tripod is forbidden).

Korean Peace Bell. The Korean Peace Bell (Korean Peace Bell) in San Pedro was seen in the film The Usual Suspects .
Griffith Observatory has from that in the hills of Hollywood in Griffith Park vantage point affords a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. The building itself cherishes scientific exhibitions.
The Hollywood sign – the best view of the world-famous letters on the hillside (originally by the way were “Hollywoodland” and advertised for a real estate investment) has one of Mount Lee in Griffith Park, it is not possible, really close to get to the lettering, neither from below nor from the back.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach . The coastal district between Marina del Rey and Santa Monica is world known and come again and again in films. Here’s a real great beach with numerous beach volleyball courts and on the promenade is cavort countless cyclists, joggers, and Skatboardfahrer more or less crazy. However, Venice is also home town of many lives wrecked. A visit is worthwhile in any case and it is worth a whole day to plan to rent a bike and explore the coastal cycle path from Los Angeles. After dark for safety reasons all car parks are locked at the beach. Parking charges about U.S. $ 60-10.

Recording of TV – Many popular sitcoms such as The Big Bang Theory , or even Disney are produced in studios in the LA area in front of live audiences. Tickets for this are sought after and depending on the shooting schedule to get a seasonal basis only. Tickets are available for example at .
One should in Los Angeles in any case, the famous Disneyland have seen or visited.
Melrose Blvd , West Hollywood – between house numbers 7000 and 8000 (La Brea and Fairfax), countless fashion stores to find young, funky fashionable. In between, many cafes and restaurants. A walk is worthwhile in any case. The bus lines 10 and 11 run along the entire Melrose Blvd.

3rd Street Promenade , Santa Monica – Extremely rare in America, but no less popular is the pedestrian zone, 3rd Street Promenade. From Wilshire Blvd from to from Frank O. Gery built Santa Monica Place (Mall), there are numerous shops and restaurants, on average, slightly more individual than the average American safe-Mall is monotony.
Broadway , Downtown Los Angeles – For all the bargain hunters who want a little shopping at the capture of the glory of past times. In the old cinema on Broadsway have settled for several decades a number of Mexican traders. There’s everything here, usually inexpensive and often can you take action. Although it is not as glamorous looks like the Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills , you can already make this a bargain or two. Not to be deterred, it is safe there.
Downtown – La Bella Cucina , 950 S Figueroa Street. Italian restaurant with really good food and pleasant low noise levels. At medium price level is possible to eat without time pressure.

Sunset Strip . The Sunset Strip is one of the most popular places to go out of Los Angeles. It is located on Sunset Boulevard and is bounded on the west of Doheny Drive and east of Crescent Heights Boulevard. Besides restaurants and boutiques you can find a variety of rock clubs, which partly owned by Hollywood stars are or were (eg, The Viper Room, 8852 Sunset Boulevard). Even if the parking is not cheap ($ 20 for the night) and threatens Traffic Jam, the arrival and return journey by bus is to think carefully. Firstly, for reasons of safety (but for larger groups without problems), and secondly because the buses are not necessarily reliable.

Figueroa Hotel , 939 South Figueroa – The special charm of the mid price range makes a unique internal architecture of the building, which aligns itself completely in a Moroccan style and is comfortable for Europeans from the rather tasteless style of many American hotels stand out. The rooms are smallish, but not uncomfortable – the lobby is a hit. In the U.S. hotel reviews, the hotel also runs best low-budget hotel in Los Angeles. Parking $ 8US per day. The WiFi will cost $ 5 per day and will be billed through an outside firm. Only credit cards are accepted.
Millennium Biltmore , 506 South Grand Avenue. From the films (eg Independence Day) well-known hotel, in the President are already relegated, impresses with its elegance and Renaissencestil. Parking 24US/Tag. Rooms: 460US $-3000US
Los Angeles is – especially in all tourist areas – the day a relatively safe city at night, you move better known in some areas and generally should be avoided areas relevant quarter and absolutely.

Two rules of thumb can be considered as a benchmark: The closer one is on the coast, the more secure the territories. Regardless you should avoid direct beach areas at night (also applies to Venice Beach). In northern areas, we can say that everything west (towards coast) Interstate 110 (Long Beach – Pasadena), is one of the so-called safe areas. The areas located to the east of it you should at least explore the night as a pedestrian. Although one must say, as a pedestrian you are outside the tourist areas of LA always suspicious (even during the day) and is considered suspicious, puts back in the car because no one actually LA city even for a short distance on foot.
Should be avoided in general (even by car, but in any case as a pedestrian!) the homeless district Skid Row (there is, however, the Greyhound bus station) narrowed the will of the streets of Main Street, 3rd Street, Alameda Street and 7th Street and the suburbs of Compton, Inglewood, Lynwood and Lomita and the district of South Los Angeles (South Central). Some of these have made with the highest crime rates in the U.S., not least because there the rival gangs.
Should be avoided after sunset all beaches within the city limits, including Venice Beach! Is part of the stay and the parking there then also prohibited. Even downtown LA at night should not be more objective, not only right foot.

Los Angeles is located in an earthquake-prone area. Should there be an earthquake, stay in place if possible and try to look under a table or behind a door, etc. Protection from falling or toppling objects and shatter windows. Only when the earthquake stops, you should go outside – the building in the region to withstand earthquakes to a certain degree.

In Los Angeles itself, there are many pharmacys that are located in the most open long into the night supermarkets, where you can get all sorts of medications. It is worthwhile to take out of Germany from an overseas insurance, if you but because of an illness, injury, etc. to the hospital needs. In emergencies, the number 911 is the emergency center. Central Europeans as it is during the summer months from May to September is not advisable to stay long in the sun because you can easily get a sunburn or sunstroke.

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