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Lombok, Indonesia

by WCC on February 28, 2012

in Asia

Lombok is an island in Indonesia . It is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is located in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat . At 4725 km ² large island of 2.4 million people live. The capital of Mataram has about 360,000 inhabitants.

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The island is much drier climate and close to the well dry east of Bali on. There is therefore little more dry fields and rice cultivation and horticulture. There are a variety chili drawn here: cabe lombok (bahasa indonesia cabe for Chili’s).

The Lombok marks the west, between Bali and Lombok, with the Wallace line , the biogeographical boundary between the animal and plant life of Australia and Asia . In the East, which runs Alas road to Palau Sumbawa . The island is of volcanic origin. It is surrounded by several smaller islands. The best known are the Gili Islands , located in north-west. In the north-east are Gili Lawang and Lombok Gili Sulat . The main island is marked by the 3726 meter high volcano Rinjani , the second largest in Indonesia. In the southern part there is a fertile plain, are grown in the rice and coffee. The rainy season is from October to May, the dry period from June to October.

The first known society on Lombok was a kingdom of Sasak , Selaparang. It was founded by three brothers Nek Sutanata Laki , Prabu Kusuma Merapit founded and x. As the eldest in Selaparang could not be king, but should be available only as a consultant to side, was x king. The kingdom was split up into smaller states, and was from the mid-18th Century Balinese princes ruled. The first Dutch landed in 1674 and later moved to the east of the island. They fought together with the Sasak in a bloody revolt in 1891 against the West in the ruling Hindu dynasty from Bali. The revolt ended in 1894 with the connection of the entire island to the Dutch colonial possession. In the Second World War the island was occupied in 1942 by the Japanese. Since the Declaration of Independence of 17 August 1945 Lombok is part of Indonesia. During political unrest in the 1960s were communists and members of the Chinese minority were killed. In 2000 there were again riots and attacks against Christian Chinese minority.

The development through the Lombok tourism as a less crowded alternative to Bali began around 1980. The most developed tourist center is located at Senggigi and attracts about 10 km along the coast road. In the shadow of the resort island of Bali, Lombok is also trying to promote tourism. A number of comfortable hotels and good restaurants usually offer friendly service at lower prices than in Bali. For backpackers , the Gili Islands, popular, which is reached from Lombok in less than an hour on ferries or charter boats.

The Lombok International Airport, officially named Bandara Lombok International (BIL) opened on 1 October 2011, replacing the previous Selaparang Airport in the capital Mataram from. The ferry crossing from Lembar to Padang Bai on Bali and takes about 4-9 hours. From Lombok to Poto Tano Labuhan on Sumbawa needs a ferry 2 hours. In addition, connect, as elsewhere in Indonesia, mini buses, the most important cities.

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lombok sunset

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lombok rinjani mountain

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lombok kuta beaches

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lombok island map

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lombok indonesia

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lombok gili island

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lombok beach

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