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Lobe Falls

by WCC on March 17, 2012

in Africa

Lobe Falls, Located 7 miles from Kribi, which are unique in the world we are thrown directly into the ocean. They are the main attraction of Kribi. Access is populated by young people who propose the shrimp of lobe or offering a ride on the river in a canoe, and possibly a visit from a “pygmy people.”

lobe falls Lobe Falls

lobe falls

Waterfall of lobe is known as one of the waterfalls that plunge into the sea Well it’s the definition of fun. The waterfalls are beautiful waterfalls cascade more than. The local people are taking a shower, wash clothes. Is your water source. I look at the landscape that is full of green in the surrounding forest. Small birds, fishermen. Idyllic place.

Lobe Falls is one of the few places in the world of waterfalls that plunge into the sea.

Cascada Cameroon lobe (the only place where a waterfall between the Atlantic Ocean by a waterfall). Beautiful landscape of sea and fasting relaxes on the beach. Lunch at a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh seafood. Visit the Museum of Grand Batanga, with a variety of artifacts anddiversified.

Lobes villagers, village wallf pygmy hunters in the lobe of the rivers. The Pygmies are hunters and gatherers. They hunt animals like antelopes, pigs and monkeys, and also to collect honey, wild yams, berries and other plants.

lobe waterfalls Lobe Falls

lobe waterfalls

lobe falls cameroon Lobe Falls

lobe falls cameroon

lobe waterfalls cameroon Lobe Falls

lobe waterfalls cameroon

lobe river Lobe Falls

lobe river

lobe villagers Lobe Falls

lobe villagers

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