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Lloret de Mar, Spain

by WCC on June 11, 2012

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Lloret de Mar is a municipality Spanish of the region of the Forest, in the province of Girona, Catalonia and the sea. It is equipped with excellent sandy beaches grainy. It also has magnificent views of the castle at one end and the other a monument to “The Sailor Donates” which represents the suffering of women awaiting the return of their husbands fishermen.

lloret de mar Lloret de Mar, Spain

lloret de mar

There are vestiges of times Iberian and Roman archaeological sites in several. In the Middle Ages, appears first documented in 966 with the way Lauredo, a version of the Latin word “Lauretum” (laurel). Like many Mediterranean coastal towns, Lloret suffered frequent raids of the Saracens during the Middle Ages. It is said that the tradition of dance “Ses Almorratxes” originated at the time.

The current population nucleus formed in the s. XV around the beach (Previously, he was to land within 1km to avoid or if necessary to prepare for attacks by pirates, and next to the Chapel of Les Alegries, which was the main church of the town before edificase that the present Church of San Roman). From the s. Lloret XVIII port (now no trace) was taking more and more important thanks to trade, I remember the houses that are built by the Indians. Farming and fishing were the sources of wealth of the traditional economy. Today tourism is the primary economic activity, to be one of the locations with more tourism on the Costa Brava, reaching quadruple its population in the summer season.

lloret de mar spain Lloret de Mar, Spain

lloret de mar spain

lloret de mar nightlife Lloret de Mar, Spain

lloret de mar nightlife

lloret de mar hotels Lloret de Mar, Spain

lloret de mar hotels

lloret de mar beach Lloret de Mar, Spain

lloret de mar beach

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