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Ljubljana, Slovenia

by WCC on March 16, 2012

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Ljubljana is the capital and with 278 638 inhabitants (2007), the largest city in Slovenia. The city is the political, economic and cultural center of Slovenia. Ljubljana is the seat of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of the same name since 1919, and University City.

ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia


In Germany and Switzerland has been largely the Slovenian name Ljubljana enforced, while in Austria mainly the name Laibach is used. For the origin of the Slovene name of the city there are at least two possible explanations for the one he comes from ljubljena (“beloved [City]“), after another of the Latin names of rivers aluviana.

Ljubljana lies at 298 m above sea level. A. On the outskirts of Ljubljana basin to the Ljubljanica (Ljubljana), which were in urban areas in the Great leads. South’m already the karst on, allowing the basin to the north in clear view of the Karavanke and Kamnik Alps. Southwest, does the level of the partially drained Ljubljana Moor (Ljubljansko barje) on. The town lies on a loop of the Ljubljanica to the castle hill. For ease of navigation at that time this loop is since 1750 by the Gruber Canal (Gruberjev Prekop cut off).

The city’s population had existed since the Middle Ages, especially from German. After 1848 she served as a cultural center of the Slovenes. For the census in 1880 were the 5658 German-speaking (23% of the population) is already a minority. In the census of 2002, 84.1 percent of the residents of Ljubljana, Slovenian citizens, 7.5 percent of Bosnians, 3.5 percent Croats, 3.2 percent Serbs, 0.7 percent of EU citizens (then EU-15), 0.6 percent Macedonians and 0.5 percent other. Slovenian is the sole official language of the Municipality of Ljubljana and has been in this census, 78.9 percent of the population as a native language specified. Furthermore, claims to be 4.1 per cent spoke Serbian, 3.9 per cent Croatian, 3.9 per cent Croat, 3.4 per cent of Bosnian and 1.9 percent other languages.

ljubljana winter Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana winter

ljubljana slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana slovenia

ljubljana europe Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana europe

ljubljana city Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana city

ljubljana castle Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana castle

ljubljana at night Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana at night

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