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Lijiang Yunnan, China

by WCC on March 1, 2012

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Lijiang is a prefecture-level city in the province of Yunnan, the People’s Republic of China .The town lies on the southeastern foothills of the Himalayas in the north-east of the province on the middle reaches of the Jinsha River. Due to its location on a plateau 2,600 meters high, it has a year-round pleasant climate .

lijiang yunnan 550x412 Lijiang Yunnan, China

lijiang yunnan

Southeast stretch of the borough Gucheng from fertile fields. In addition, Lijiang is located in the immediate vicinity of the Yulong Mountains (Jade Dragon Mountains), the junction of the Qinghai – Tibet Plateau (Qingzang) with the Yunnan- Guizhou is high level (Yungui), and has a chain of glaciated mountain peaks. The southernmost point of this mountain range, 5596 meters high, is also known as the “Jadepfeiler, which rises in the sky”.

In the area around Lijiang (in Baisha village) was the capital of the Naxi kingdom. Middle of the 13th Century , the region of the Yuan Dynasty under Kublai Khan conquered. Lijiang was founded at that time under that name. It became an important trading center between Tibet and Yunnan, which it is today.

Over the eight hundred year history of the city and an irrigation system was built, which still works. During the second Sino-Japanese War, Lijiang was a base of volunteer pilots who battle in China against Japan supported. In an earthquake in February 1996 about a third of the city was destroyed. While many traditional buildings survived the quake, many modern concrete buildings collapsed. Then, with the development of tourism in mind, the downtown has been tastefully designed in traditional style. Since 1997, the old city center of Lijiang’s the status of UNESCO – World Heritage Site .

rukuhu lijiang yunnan 550x412 Lijiang Yunnan, China

rukuhu lijiang yunnan

black ragon pool 550x412 Lijiang Yunnan, China

black ragon pool

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