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Life Down Under, Australia

by WCC on February 24, 2012

in Australia

Australia (from the Latin terra australis “southern land”) is the only country that is also a continent. Its land area is greater than that of the EU, yet it has only 20.5 million inhabitants, of whom 92% also in the major cities in the southeast, in Perth and Tasmania live. The hinterland ( Outback ) is sparsely populated, some farms have the size of German federal states.

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From Germany and Switzerland there are three basic ways to Australia. Either via a stopover in Asia (Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.), the Arabian Peninsula (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha) or North America. Careful selection of the route can reduce the flight time, but are less than 22 hours of travel time will not. Stopovers are offered by almost all airlines and are a great way to make the arrival and departure enjoyable. The major Australian airports (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Cairns) are accessible from Germany and Switzerland too well with one-time transfers. Because of the often lengthy entry procedures should avoid tight connecting flight.

Australia is a classic immigration country and its cuisine influenced by many factors. There is tradionell Australian cuisine is still limited. Comes in a classic meat (especially beef and lamb) on the table with veggies (cooked in salt water, loose vegetables).
Very important (and typical Oz) are Barbie (BBQ’s) on the beach or anywhere else. An (almost) every parking space / park can be found in each side seats also (usually) free barbecue facilities.

” Vegemite “is a well-known spreads (the British equivalent is Marmite), they often eat the toast in Australia. He is black, tasty, salty, and very chaotic. ” Billy Tea “consists of a handful of tea leaves which are in a black Billy (bucket) directly heated on fire and then thrown by the handle. ” Pavlova “is a dessert made of meringue. ” Pies “which are small pastries filled with various things (eg minced lamb or an onion-cheese mixture), the interior is usually too hot and very sticky. ” Beetroot “, beetroot is very popular and is even on each burger place.

Thank the British, is also in Australia tea very much appreciated. It is always small teahouses (“Tea Houses”), which offers Devonshire tea and scones. A little anecdote: Burger King is represented in Australia though, doing business under the name Hungry Jack’s, however. The competitor with the golden M on behalf of his time had allowed himself to secure the rights to the name of Burger King. Only in the transit area of international airports may therefore be called Burger King Burger King …

Eating out: There are many restaurants do not license for the serving of alcohol is time to BYO. Bring Your Own, that the guests bring their own alcoholic beverages to (get first in bottle shop) and pay a small corkage fee to the waiter. The fluctuation in the catering trade is very high and it is best to ask on the spot in the hostel / hotel for recommendations.

It is very conveniently located in Australia known as hostels for backpackers to stay. Some of them are affiliated to the International Youth Hostel Federation (who has a membership card from DJH gets into these hostels even give discounts). Australia is set to the super backpacking. So if you have any high expectations and be happy people want to know different nationalities and ages, is in a hostel in good hands. Anyone with a tent or camper on the road, found throughout Australia and good clean tent sites and caravan parks at reasonable prices, often even less expensive than hotels. Most places have a community kitchen, called Camp Kitchen, always covered, but mostly outdoors. If you want to also use tent sites without their own tent or camper can almost rent on each campsite called cabins or onsite vans. Both come with their own kitchen, including cooking utensils and dishes equipped. Therefore suitable for backpackers with a private car. I highly recommend the Big4 camping chain . If you like to stay very low or even free, and wants to have a tent or a camper, it is worthwhile for the camps to get which is available for about $ 50 and over Australia reveals gorgeous favorable to free campgrounds.

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