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Libya Tourism

by WCC on January 12, 2012

in Africa

Libya is in North Africa . Neighboring countries are Tunisia , Algeria , Niger , Chad , Sudan and Egypt. The country is divided into the traditional landscapes in western Tripolitania, Fezzan in the south, the Cyrenaica (Cyrene) in the east and the Libyan desert. Only 2.5% of the land is arable, vast oil and Ergasvorräte compensate for this deficiency. Libya is the only country in the world in which there is no single permanent river. There are only so-called “wadis”. They lead only after heavy rainfall water temporarily. Travelers are stored in “wadis” may be surprised by sudden rains and in danger of fall.

leptis magna libya Libya Tourism

leptis magna libya

Cities of Libya

Tripoli – the capital of the country – the largest city of Libya – int airport.
Benghazi – the second largest city, economic center of Cyrenaica.
Tobruk – major port city in Cyrenaica and end point of an oil pipeline.

Getting to Libya

by aircraft
Tripoli is the only city in Libya, which is serviced from abroad. From there, the other cities in Libya can be achieved by domestic flight. Libyan Arab Airlines (LN) provides fast and frequent services between Tripoli and Benghazi, Sebha, Beida, Mersa Brega, Tobruk, Misurata, Ghadames and Kufra on. Between Tripoli and Benghazi, there is an hourly shuttle service. Tripoli is now again accessible from any European capital. From Germany, from Frankfurt to Tripoli is 5x times-weekly. The Libyan airline Afriqiyah Airways flies from Tripoli to interesting places in Africa that are otherwise difficult to reach (eg, Chad).

by car
On the streets is the right road. The road network in the country covers about 85,000 km. Roads lead from Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad and Egypt from Libya. The coastal road is the main passage and runs almost exactly from west to east. Some of the major roads lead into the interior, including to Sebha, Ghadames and Kufra. Since 1969, only road signs with Arabic letters are allowed. Outside major towns is hardly any one sign. Gasoline and diesel very cheap, but it often comes in diesel shortages. City plans are still not as good. Repairs are often carried out unreliable spare parts are rarely in stock. Rental cars are currently being offered, especially in Tripoli and Benghazi. EU or Swiss driver’s licenses (Permit conduire) are valid for three months, after which a Libyan driver’s license required.

libya lake oum el ma Libya Tourism

libya lake

by railway
The railway line Tripoli – Al Zawiah – Sabratha – Zuara – Zeltins – Abu Kamash – Ras Ejdeer is under construction. In spring 2007 were not wrong passenger trains. Another rail line is planned from the coastal town of Sirte to the oasis in the Sahara Sabha.

by bus
In Tripoli and Benghazi, there is a public bus service with three pricing zones. The buses are overcrowded and run irregularly. Operates a bus service between Tripoli and Benghazi, between Benghazi and Tobruk, a minibus. Visitors to the desert regions will need before beginning their journey from the Libyan authorities (which may be concerned by the tour operator) has a so-called desert pass.

libya beach Libya Tourism

libya beach

by ship
Regular ferries from Genoa and Naples to Tripoli and Benghazi. Between Tripoli and Malta and several Italian ports operate car ferries.

The official language is classical Arabic. Is one Spoken Libyan Arabic. The public signs is exclusively in Arabic. Of several minority languages ​​is the “Nafusi” noteworthy, because it is spoken in the west of the country and in Tunisia from just under 200,000 people. Most linked to a foreign language is still Italian (Libya was an Italian colony), followed by French (many Libyans like to visit Tunisia by car). English is increasingly understood by the younger and better educated Libyans, and often spoken.

We can get many hotels in tripoli if we get a vacation in Libya. For next project, there will be a futuristic hotel named Eternal Crescent of Tripoli (ECOT) hotel in the capital city of Libya, Tripoli. Libya will become an energy city. All of business is centralized in Tripoli.

libya hotel Libya Tourism

libya xmas hotel

eternal crescent of tripoli hotel Libya Tourism

eternal crescent of tripoli hotel (ECOT)

libya university zuwarah technological campus Libya Tourism

zuwarah technological campus

libya tower 69 Libya Tourism

libya tower 69

libya energy city Libya Tourism

libya energy city

Libya Al Fatah Hotel Corinthia Bab Hotel Blu Layla Tower Libya Tourism

al fatah hotel, corinthia bab hotel, blu layla tower

libya kebab Libya Tourism

libya kebab

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