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Liberia – officially the Republic of Liberia is a country in West Africa. It is from Sierra Leone in the west, Guinea to the north and the Côte d’Ivoire in the east. Liberian coast consists of mangrove forests for the most, while the sparsely populated interior consists of forests that open to a plateau grasslands. The country has 40% of the Guinean rain forest remains higher. Liberia has a hot equatorial climate with heavy rainfall in the months from May to October the Harmattan winds and heavy rains the rest of the year. Liberia has an area of ​​111 369 km2 (43,000 square kilometers) and has about 3.7 million people. English is the official language, while more than 30 indigenous languages ​​are spoken in the country.

liberia africa Liberia

liberia africa

With Ethiopia, Liberia is one of two modern countries in sub-Saharan Africa without roots in the European colonization of Africa. From 1820 the area was by freed American slaves with the American Colonization Society, a private organization, the former slaves greater freedom and equality in Africa have thought settled. Freed slaves from slave ships were also sent there instead repatriated to their country of origin. In 1847, the settlers founded the Republic of Liberia, the formation of a government that modeled on the United States and the naming of the capital Monrovia, after James Monroe, fifth President of the United States and a strong supporter of the colonization. The settlers, known as Americo-Liberians, has led the political and economic sectors in the country.

The country began in the 1940s to modernize the capital of the United States during the Second World War and the economic liberalization under the presidency of William Tubman. Liberia was a founding member of the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity. A military coup overthrew the Americo-Liberians leadership in 1980, the beginning of the political and economic instability, and two successive civil wars that left about 250,000 dead and devastated the economy of the country selected. A peace agreement of 2003 led to democratic elections in 2005. Today, Liberia is recovering from the aftermath of civil war and economic ruin with about 85% of the population lives below the associated international poverty line.

Northern Liberia
the area between St. Paul and the borders with Guinea and Sierra Leone

Central Liberia (Monrovia, Paynesville, Buchanan)
Monrovia, the capital and urban center.
South Liberia (Greenville, Harper, Sapo National Park)
beautiful beaches of the Atlantic and the country’s national park

Monrovia – the capital and with a population of about one million people is the largest city of Liberia.
Robertsport – coastal city with excellent opportunities for surfing, a comfortable lodge and a camping holiday at the sea
Harper – located southeast of the country, Mr. Harper is the former capital of Maryland. He is known for its beautiful beaches and beach houses known. Now these houses are in disrepair, but its still possible to get an idea of ​​the glories of the past.
Paynesville – interesting for BASE jumpers

liberia sea Liberia

liberia sea

More destinations
Sapo National Park – Liberia National Park unique.
Blue Lake – 72 kilometers west of Monrovia, Liberia’s capital, is a marvel of nature.
Providence is a small island between the center of Monrovia and the Freeport. It lies at the mouth of the river where Mesurado earlier settlers initially settled in Liberia 1820-1822.
Lake Piso is located in Grand Cape Mount County and is a salt-water lake with an open connection to the Atlantic Ocean.
Atlantic Coastal Beach Beaches-Bernard, CeCe Beach, ELWA Beach, Kendejah Beach, Kenema Beach, Beach Village thinkers.

Liberia is in West Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean southwest of the country. It lies between 4 ° and 9 ° N and longitude 7 ° and 12 ° W . The landscape is rolling on mostly flat coastal plains, mangrove swamps and include the amount to a rolling plateau and low mountains in the northeast. Tropical rain forests cover the hills and forests and semideciduous elephant grass are the dominant vegetation in the northern sections. The equatorial climate is warm all year with heavy rains from May to October blown with a brief interlude in mid-July to August in the winter months from November to March, dry, dusty harmattan winds inland causing many problems for the residents.

Liberia’s watershed tends to draw a pattern in the southwest to the sea as new rains move the wooded plateau of the mountain forest country of Guinea, Guinea. Cape Mount near the border with Sierra Leone receives the most rainfall in the nation. The northwestern boundary of the main-land traversed by the Mano River while its southeast limits are bounded by the River Cavalla. Liberia’s three largest rivers in the vicinity of Monrovia, St. Paul, the St. John River in Buchanan and Cestos River all flow into the Atlantic to make. The Cavalla is the longest river in the nation to 320 miles (515 km).

The highest point in Liberia is fully within the Mount Wuteve to 4.724 feet (1,440 meters) above sea level in the area northwest of Liberia’s West African high mountains and Guinea trays. However, Mount Nimba near Yekepa is higher at 5.748 feet (1,752 meters) above sea level, but is not entirely within the borders of Guinea, Liberia, Nimba and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and it is also its highest mountain.

Get in Liberia
An invitation letter and a yellow fever vaccination is required to apply for a visa to Liberia. For the citizens of the United States does a 3-month visa U.S. $ 131 for all others the fee is $ 100. Visa One, two, three years or more items also available. The embassy in Conakry was moved from the city to the city KIPe. Embassy in Freetown tomorrow’s service and hassle free. You will be the duration of your stay stamped in your passport when traveling should not be so sure to give a little to light when they ask if by land, or have you at the immigration office on Broad Street to Monrovia to extend visa U.S. $ 20 (although they probably require more).

By Air
Monrovia’s international airport is 60 km east of downtown, Robert Field. SN Brussels flies directly from Brussels, but is expensive. Other alternatives include flying through Dakar or Accra. The trip from Monrovia to the international airport of the city was once so notorious. Today the situation has improved with the restoration of peace and order. The road is now fully protected against by UNMIL and secure.

U.S. leaves, Delta Air Lines.This flight directly from Atlanta. Ethiopian Airlines with a stopover in Addis Ababa. Royal Air Morocco via Casablanca.
Brussels Airlines offers flights on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Air France has aslo fly bi weekly in Monrovia Tuesday and Friday in Paris. You can check on the day of your flight, their location in the city center. It is easier and faster than the check-in at the airport.

To travel by far the best way, but helicopter flights are restricted to UN staff. Poor weather conditions during the rainy season often forces helicopters to return mainly from Voinjama.

By Train
There is no real train. A track that is part of a mine previously been opened for tourists. He moves in Bong Mines, a massive series defunct German plant and ore processing.

By Car
Roads, the airport in Monrovia Monrovia Roberts and on the border with Sierra Leone at Bo (Waterside) are paved and in excellent condition in February 2010. Road conditions in some areas, while others are poor, if a 4×4 is needed for the trip. During the rainy season, journey times will increase significantly. Traffic through Monrovia can be slow, due to shortages of transport and many damaged sections of road. Gas is in U.S. gallons, not liters sold. Most of the distances and speed limits are posted in miles per hour.

By Bus
There were no long-distance bus for tourists. The government has received only a few buses for public transport and for travel under the National Transit Authority (NTA) guidance with its main terminal used on the outskirts Gardnerville. A network of intercity transport are under way for expanding cities such as Buchanan, Gbarnga, Tubmanburg, Kakata and Robertsport, with plans for cities such as Zwedru, Ganta, Bopolu, sofas, etc. are organized for tourists expressly authorized. While Main, NTA and breadth Monrovia, transport to all the suburbs and downtown. Even some private buses also ply the suburbs and central business district, including: Lizard & private transport companies. Becareful how you get on the bus and rush to avoid because of thieves on board, flying in the vernacular as “Rogue” widely available. Standing in the queue at bus stops and various terminals. The buses are overloaded with passengers, so bring a fan along or sit near a window.

By Taxi
The best way to get to Monrovia. Most taxis in the streets of Monrovia to pick up passengers on the route number and are often packed. Ask people you trust, if a reliable taxi driver the contacts that will know how to fly in a taxi, is a possibility. If you can not check, rent a taxi to your destination for personal use only.

Long distance taxis leave “Douala station” in a northern suburb of Monrovia for destinations across the country. They are mostly older yellow Nissan combined, with 10 passengers who bought tickets to leave. Fares for taxis are reasonable. For example, the three-hour drive from Monrovia to Robertsport costs L $ 350 (U.S. $ 5) from February 2010. Alternatively, a “charter” for individual taxi trips to be arranged much more highly.

You can board a river will soon be available to St. Paul Robert port other destinations.

liberian troops Liberia

liberian troops

English is spoken by most Liberians, but particularly when traveling in remote areas have a local guide will be useful.

Liberia is known for its beautiful masks known. Masks are for sale around hotels and UN centers. After some haggling, they will cost around $ 25 (depending on size, etc.) It is beautifully printed fabric in Liberia. It is sold in lapas (usually 2), a lapa 2 meters. 3 lapas premium, real growth, cost about $ 15. There are a number of technological and modern supermarkets and shopping centers such as the Jaoudi Abi, Xclusive hypermarket in the city center, the shopping center ERA, Stop N Shop, Payless and Sinkor Xclusive Center, all located in the suburbs Sinkor, Economics & the way to the Supermarket ELWA Junction. The Suburbs Sinkor above lined with hotels and restaurants and has become the new downtown Monrovia.

Money and Banking
There are many ways to limit the use of credit card. Bring U.S. dollars in cash with you (most transactions in Western societies are in U.S. dollars) or wire transfer through Western Union or Moneygram. Ecobank on Randall Road is used by many foreigners. You can cash travelers’ checks, even if you need proof of purchase of securities. If someone offers you Liberian dollar in change, to accept it because it will be useful to have one hand on purchases of very small, but once you get some, be sure to back dollars (unless the change is less than one dollars, they use the local currency instead of coins).
There is an ATM machine installed in some of the city.

Liberia can be very expensive or very cheap for a tourist to what you want based facilities. Meanwhile, there are several ATMs in the central exhibition of Monrovia U.S. dollars for American Express cardholders.

Eating foods in Liberia can be fun and easy on the wallet. Liberian meals like palm oil, cassava leaves, the leaves of potatoes, rice at the seams, and Jollof rice is hardly leave a dent in your budget (U.S. $ 03.02 with a soda can). The portions are often huge. Another popular dish is the local fufu (fermented paste made from cassava) and soup (most common are goat soup and pepper soup). The fried or grilled fish, especially snapper, can be delicious. And for those who want to eat on the run, where fruit and snacks from street vendors in Monrovia to be acquired. Peanuts, fried plantain chips, roasted corn and bananas, bananas, mangoes and other fruits may be for LD $ 20.05 (or 0.10 to 0.30 U.S. dollars) needed. Especially tasty are the breads sold freshly baked that morning. Some breads like banana bread, others are more like bread, corn bread. All are very tasty but a little greasy.

liberian food Liberia

liberian food

Beer is the drink club served basis everywhere. The gin is also available.
The water bag is sold on most street corners. While it is safe and is filtered, it will not be guaranteed. Stick with bottled water to be safe. You can buy bottled water in every supermarket, restaurant, or Total petrol stations.

Usually, hotels are fairly certain that the owners hire guards. However, do not be complacent and make sure that you know about your safety in hotels. Willing to pay each invoice in cash (USD).

sunset in liberia Liberia

sunset in liberia

rice plantation in liberia Liberia

rice plantation in liberia

tropical forest in liberia Liberia

tropical forest in liberia

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