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Li River, China

by WCC on March 6, 2012

in Asia

The Li Jiang or Li River ( Chinese 漓江 Li Jiang ) is a 437 km long river in the Autonomous Region of Guangxi the Zhuang in the People’s Republic of China . It rises in the mountains in the district Mao’er Xing’an and flows through Guilin and Yangshuo before the Gui Jiang , a tributary of the West River flows. The river is particularly famous for its scenery. It flows through the karst landscape in Guilin, China is the epitome of a beautiful landscape.

li river 550x412 Li River, China

li river

The Magic channel has been connecting the 3rd Century BC, the Li navigational technology with the Xiangjiang , a tributary of the Yangtze River .

li river wallpaper 550x412 Li River, China

li river wallpaper

li river painting 550x378 Li River, China

li river painting

li river china 550x412 Li River, China

li river china

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