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Lesotho Tourism

by WCC on February 15, 2012

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Lesotho Tourism - Lesotho is a landlocked country in the middle of South Africa.

mohale lesotho Lesotho Tourism

mohale lesotho

The capital city of Lesotho is Maseru. The other cities are, Leribe, Quthing, Mohales Hoek, and Mohoktlong.

Getting to Lesotho

German nationals need a visa for entry.
by Aircraft
The only international airport in the country is from the South African airline South African Airways and South African Airlink, mainly from Johannesburg approached.
by Car
From the south from Durban via the famous Sani Pass 4×4 is required, however. From the north there are many border crossings, but these are not open to the part around the clock, where the crossing is also a non-wheel-driven vehicle problems.

lesotho Lesotho Tourism


lesotho highland water project Lesotho Tourism

lesotho highland water project

Very nice place to stay right on the river surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery. New Oxbow Lodge. In the west there are the Lesotho Malealea Lodge. It is a lodge that specializes in equestrian trips of several hours to several days. Accommodation is in simple round huts. From the lodge you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. The journey to the lodge is on the last 2 kilometers on a real and sometimes steep dirt road. When it rains, it is normal for car probably barely passable.

lesotho waterfall Lesotho Tourism

lesotho waterfall

lesotho food Lesotho Tourism

lesotho food

lesotho people Lesotho Tourism

lesotho people

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