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by WCC on January 31, 2012

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Latvia (Latvian, Latvija) is a country in northern Europe, in the center of the Baltic States situated. It is bordered to the south by Lithuania, on the southeast by Belarus to the east by Russia , on the north by Estonia and on the west by the Baltic Sea. Since the enactment of EU enlargement on 1 May 2004, Latvia Member of the European Union.

latvia riga Latvia

latvia riga

The Latvian flag is supposed to represent the white, blood-soaked linen cloth in which one Latgalian tribal leader was laid to rest. The blood-red stripes of the flag symbolize his arms outstretched in agony, the white line in the middle of the place, on which lay the body of the tribal leaders. Already in the 13th Century is in the “Livonian rhymed chronicle reports” of this flag as a war standard of the singlet and Zemgale tribes.

In addition to the Latvian majority population (62.1%) there is a strong Russian minority (26.9%) and small, mostly Russian-speaking groups such as White Russians (3.3%) and Ukrainians (2.2%) and Poland (2.2 %) and Lithuanians (1.2%) (Population and Housing Census 2011). Then there are the minorities of over 2,000 suitier and about 170 Livs (especially in Riga and some Kurzeme coastal villages) as well as minorities of Estonians, Germans, Roma and Tatars.

latvia landscape Latvia

latvia landscape

latvia girls Latvia

latvia girls

latvia city Latvia

latvia city

latvia beach Latvia

latvia beach

latvia Latvia


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