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Langkawi, Malaysia

by WCC on April 11, 2012

in Asia

Langkawi ( Pulau Langkawi ) is the main island and also the name of an archipelago of some 100 limestone islands off the northwest coast of Malaysia. Langkawi lies north of the Strait of Malacca in the southern Andaman Sea , near the border between Malaysia and Thailand . A few kilometers away in northern Thailand’s neighboring island of Ko Tarutao . Langkawi is one of Malaysia within the state and the Sultanate of Kedah . Capital of the island is Kuah .

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The entire Langkawi archipelago has an area of 478 square kilometers, the main island of Pulau Langkawi size of 320 km ². Its north-south extent is 25 kilometers, slightly less than its east-west extension. The interior of the island consists of limestone hills, the highest peak of Gunung Raya with 890 meters. About two-thirds of the island with rain forest covered. The climate is the monsoon dominated and is therefore hot and humid all year round. Unlike the east coast of Malaysia, there are no “real” rainy season. The wettest season is during the period between August and November. Temperatures typically rise during the day to over 30 ° C at night and rarely fall below 20 ° C.

The bumiputras ( sons and daughters of the earth ) form, with the majority Muslim , Malay main population Langkawi. Besides them, there are three smaller groups: Chinese , whose ancestors of the former British colonial masters were brought into the country, as well as Indian and Thai . On the south coast there are settlements of the so-called “sea gypsies”, the orang sound ( people of the sea , cf Moken ). In the interior of the island north of the airport there is a tomb of a Malay princess : Mahkam Masuri. She was the victim of a love drama. When the lady was murdered, she is dying, the island for seven generations have cursed. That is up to the 20th Century have been considered. Beautiful, interesting tomb of white stone, pilgrims deserted wives.

Langkawi Sky Bridge 550x365 Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge

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Langkawi Malaysia

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Langkawi Island

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Langkawi Hotels

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Langkawi beaches

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Langkawi Beach

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i like this place


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