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Lanai – Hawaii

by WCC on March 31, 2012

in North America

Lanai is one of the eight main islands of volcanic Hawaiian. The island is 29 km long and up to 21 km wide. The surface area is 364 km ². The highest peak is 1,030 m high Lānaihale in the southeast. The island consists of a plateau. One fifth of the island is planted with pineapple. Long Lanai was the largest pineapple plantation in the world. Agricultural land is not occupied natural. For the pineapple island destination has not yet been properly developed, but it is a popular day trip from Maui.

lanai Lanai   Hawaii


Mainly golfer and hiker (Munro Trail, 12.7 km long) to populate the island during peak tourist seasons. In the hinterland, expect an ancient Hawaiian ruins. Another attraction is the Garden of the Gods (“Garden of the Gods”), a maze of red lava cliffs and many strangely shaped stones in the west of the island. The small main town Lanai City is located approximately 500 m above sea level, in the middle of the island, in the refreshing, cool highlands at the foot of a mountain range. As a windbreak will be planted since 1920 in and around the town Norfolk Island Pines (Araucaria heterophylla). The 7th Street and 8th Street, the main roads with a few shops, a tour worth taking a look at the gardens. The island is ideal for golfers and nature lovers to relax and bathe. Lanai is a small tip for individualists. The most beautiful beach is protected Hulupoe Beach on the south coast of Lanai. The solitary, usually very windy Polihua Beach on the northwest coast provides an unobstructed view of the island of Molokai and is reachable only by foot or four-wheel vehicle.

lanai island Lanai   Hawaii

lanai island

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lanai hotels

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lanai beach

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lanai hawaii

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