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Lake Titicaca Peru

by WCC on June 11, 2012

in South America

The Lake Titicaca with an area of 8288 square kilometers, according to the Maracaibo lake in South America’s second largest lake. It is located on the Altiplano, the highlands of the Andes, the western part of 4916 km² of the lake belongs to Peru, the eastern part of 3372 km² to Bolivia. Lake Titicaca is the highest commercially navigable body of water. It lies at an altitude of 3810 m above sea level, 178 km long and 67.4 km wide and has a maximum depth of 281 m. Project in the lake several peninsulas, the Copacabana peninsula, connected only by the narrow streets of Tiquina the southern part of the lake, Wiñaymarka , with the northern part, the Lake Chucuito.

lake titicaca peru Lake Titicaca Peru

lake titicaca peru

More than 25 rivers flow into Lake Titicaca. Forms the only outlet of the Desaguadero River , which transports about ten percent of the excess water. The remaining water evaporates. There are a variety of large and small islands, some of which are relics of the Inca -culture harbor, such as the Isla del Sol.

lake titicaca Lake Titicaca Peru

lake titicaca

lake titicaca sunset Lake Titicaca Peru

lake titicaca sunset

lake titicaca floating islands Lake Titicaca Peru

lake titicaca floating islands

lake titicaca boat Lake Titicaca Peru

lake titicaca boat

Titicaca is a lake of tectonic origin. Was formed at about the Tertiary due to the collapse of part of the ancient Andean plateau, was part, along with the lake Poopó , the late Ballivián lake that stretched across the plateau of Collao . Its original area was much larger and is now a residual lake.

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