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Ladakh, India

by WCC on March 12, 2012

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Ladakh is a region of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir , covering almost half the area of this federal State. It consists of the administrative districts of Kargil and Leh . The area is largely hochgebirgig and with 270,000 inhabitants (according to 2001 census) sparsely populated. Ladakh is renowned for the beauty of its remote mountains and the Tibetan Buddhist culture. Therefore Ladakh is a small Tibetan called.

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Ladakh was an independent Buddhist kingdom. A conflict with Tibet ended in 1681 with the attempted invasion by the fifth Dalai Lama . With the help of the Mughal Empire , the Ladakhi could again exert control over their land, Ladakh was but a vassal of the Mughal Empire. Mid-18th Century sparked the Kashmir Mughal empire from a recipient of the tribute, 1819, the Punjab . 1834, the country was of Jammu conquered. It was subsequently Ladakh with Kashmir is a part of British India . The territory of the Kingdom is now a part of India and Pakistan , the Aksai Chin district is from the People’s Republic of China controls.

The Ladakhi language is an older version of the Tibetan language , where you could get a lot of earlier forms. In Ladakh, many consonants are pronounced to be ground in the central Tibetan version. An example is the German word “yes” in Tibetan classic written in Ladakh and also so pronounced, in central Tibet, however, la . The original pronunciation of the llama has been preserved in Ladakh, where they say bla ma . In addition to the language have Ladakh and Tibet, many cultural and religious relations, based on Tibetan Buddhism . The Ladakhi language has about 100,000 speakers in India and perhaps 12 000 speakers in Tibet. The three most popular dialects are in Leh, Nubra and Shamma. Small Christian churches exist in Ladakh since the 19th Century and the arrival of missionaries from the Protestant Moravian Church in Saxony.

The main source of income today is tourism , especially after the Muslim Kashmir because of the Kashmir conflict has broken down and the Indian government promotes it. Previously dominated the agricultural self-sufficiency as an economic form, today, the percentage of residents who deserve to travelers.

The peak season for tourists is June-August. Even from the capital, Leh you can enjoy many trekking tours , guided also take several weeks. For routes over 6000 meters above sea level, a permit is required. There are guided climbing tours, which are also suitable for amateur climbers. In profile they are hardly a claim dar. However, one should not underestimate the thin air at these altitudes. The baggage and the food can be transported on animals.

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ladakh india

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