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Kuching, Malaysia

by WCC on April 25, 2012

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Kuching (formerly Kucing ) is the capital of the Malaysian State of Sarawak . With 634 517 inhabitants (2006), it is the largest city on the island of Borneo . Kuching is located in northwest Borneo a few miles above the mouth of the river Sarawak into the South China Sea .The climate in Kuching is tropical , hot and rainy throughout. The average annual rainfall is 4,000 millimeters. Most rain falls during the monsoon from December to February. The temperature is 26 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

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The city’s attractions are the Sarawak Museum, Cat Museum, Fort Margherita, the Kuching Waterfront with the Chinese Museum , the buddisthische Tua Pek Kong Temple , the main bazaar, with the nearby wet market and various cat statues around the city. On the weekend opens the huge weekend market , he has local food, tropical fish, vegetables and fruit forest in the offer.

A large building that dominates the skyline of the city’s major, the DUN complex that houses, among other things, the Parliament of Sarawak. The building is located between the Fort Margherita and the Astana (the former residence of the rajas) from the Kuching Waterfront . It is about 125 meters wide and 200 meters, including attachments. A particular focus is on the roof that catches the eye from afar through golden color and her rocket-like appearance.

The entire facility will be home on completion of construction in 2010 for tourists, an information center. This will provide information about the individual sections as well as the companies involved and their work. In the vicinity of Kuching, there are many attractions such as the longhouses of the Iban in the interior, the museum village of Sarawak Cultural Village at Mount Santubong (810 m) with views of the surrounding mangrove forests and the Damai-Beach , the famous National Park Bako , the Kubah- National Park to the Matang Wildlife Centre , Jong’s Crocodile Farm and the Orang Utan Wildlife Sanctuary and about two hours from the Gunung Gading National Park with the Rafflesias , the world’s largest flower. See also national parks in Sarawak .

Kuching has a number of local specialties for its visitors. These are usually a bit sharper flavored, but for the “European stomach” suitable. Sweetened beverages are actually increasing. The breakfast is very popular Kolo Mee (noodles with small bits of meat, usually beef), Wonton Mee , various other types of noodles with seafood as a deposit, Pau (stuffed dumplings), dim sum and various sweet rice cakes.For lunch and dinner are almost universally available: laksa (noodle soup with various inserts such as chicken, fish or shrimp), chicken (boiled or fried) served with rice or noodles, curry , mixed vegetables with rice, a variety of beef and pork dishes, the most are offered with rice, fried noodles and fried rice, which is then available with either chicken, beef or duck and vegetables.

Special features: The most hot dishes such as soups, rice and noodle dishes are also available as “special” sizes. This is either a stronger flavor or to the admixture of offal such as liver, heart or stomach. Especially good are fresh and include all meals here, the sea creatures. The seafood cuisine is very distinctive and varied, both in the selection of animals as well as in the preparation.

Kuching Malaysia 550x412 Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching Malaysia

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Kuching Girls

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