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Krakow, Poland

by WCC on May 3, 2012

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Krakow is the capital of Lesser Poland, located on the upper Vistula River in southern Poland, about 250 km south of the capital Warsaw. Krakow is the seat of the second-oldest university in Central Europe and developed into an industry – science – and cultural center. A variety of buildings of the Gothic, the Renaissance, the Baroque and later periods the hallmark of the old city that was capital of Poland until 1596. Even today, the second largest city in the country known as the secret capital of Poland and is considered the “centuries old center of the Polish state”. This is also reflected on the importance of the Wawel for Polish history: In the castle, both many former Polish kings and the President have perished Lech Kaczynski buried.

krakow Krakow, Poland


Krakow has approximately 760 000 inhabitants, while about 8 million people live within a radius of 100 km around the city. Today, Krakow is a vibrant technology and Biowissenschaftenstandort for Central and Eastern Europe and the Warsaw second-largest office market in Poland. Krakow is also a major cultural, artistic and scientific focal point, such as the local headquarters of the Centre Narodowe Nauki, the center of knowledge and innovation community, the EIT and the Max Planck Society. In the vicinity of Krakow is one of the major film studios in Central Europe. According to the World Investment Report 2011 of the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Krakow the rapidly developing location for investment in innovation in the world. In 2000 Krakow was European Capital of Culture.

Of Wawel Hill, where today the castle and cathedral stand was permanently settled since 20,000 years ago. In the vicinity of Krakow was already in prehistoric times, salt mined. In the 9th Century Wislanen of Methodius in the area around Krakow described. The history of the territory on the upper Vistula River Krakow to begin before the conquest by the Polans and the founding of the Polish state.

After due Wincenty KadÅ‚ubek and then formed the foundation myth of the city “built tribal prince Krak the city on the Wawel Hill on a dragon’s cave, after he had slain the dragon living there.” From this period are two grave mound, where according to tradition, Krak and his daughter Wanda should have found their final resting place. The hills may have had astronomical functions but also because the summer solstice, the sun just goes on and on one another.

krakow winter Krakow, Poland

krakow winter

krakow statue Krakow, Poland

krakow statue

krakow square Krakow, Poland

krakow square

krakow poland Krakow, Poland

krakow poland

krakow city Krakow, Poland

krakow city

krakow castle Krakow, Poland

krakow castle

krakow at night Krakow, Poland

krakow at night

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