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Ko Samui, Thailand

by WCC on March 13, 2012

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Ko Samui is a district in the eastern province of Surat Thani . The province of Surat Thani is located in the southern region of Thailand . Ko Samui is also the name of a tourist island in the Gulf of Thailand . The province of Surat Thani is located about 650 kilometers south of Bangkok on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula to the Gulf of Thailand .

ko sumai 550x412 Ko Samui, Thailand

ko sumai

Is 247 square kilometers Ko Samui, according to Ko Phuket and Ko Chang , the third largest island of Thailand . It is part of the Samui Archipelago ( Muu Ko Samui ), which includes about 60 other islands, including Koh Phangan , Koh Tao , Koh Nang Yuan , Ko Taen and the 40 islands of the Ang-Thong National Park . Samui is located 258 nautical miles south of Bangkok. At its narrowest point it is 21 kilometers wide at its widest point 25 kilometers.

The interior is largely of secondary forest -covered mountains. The original forest was cut down to within a few residues long ago to make way for plantations. The highest peak is 635 m high Khao Kwai Thai in the southwest of the island. A 51-kilometer ring road around the island, almost always along the coast.

Amidst the tropical location, the climate on the island is humid and changeable. It can be measured year-round temperatures above 30 ° C, and the water is seldom colder than 28 ° C. The tide is during the full moon, and shortly thereafter the strongest. From February to April the sea is calm. Rain does in this short time, heavy showers in the afternoon. From November to mid-December is the rainy season, often with strong monsoon -rains. From May to September at night sometimes storms move across the island.

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ko sumai hotel

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ko samui thailand

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ko samui beaches

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Koh Samui Map

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