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Kiev, Ukraine

by WCC on March 29, 2012

in Europe

Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine and administrative center of Kiev Oblast, it belongs not. It is located on this far for smaller ships navigable Dnepr and has 2.7 million inhabitants, as agglomeration (as of 1 January 2005) 3015108. The university was founded in 1834. Kiev is an important educational and industrial center and also forms the main transport hub of the country. Because of its historical importance as the center of Kievan Rus , the city bears often called the mother of all Russian cities . Because of the many churches and monasteries , and its importance to the Orthodox Christianity Kiev since the Middle Ages, as also of the East Jerusalem known. After the Second World War, Kiev received the award of a Hero City.

kiev Kiev, Ukraine


In the public survey 2005 have a total of 64% Ukrainian and 34% Russian named as their mother tongue. The language situation of Kiev has changed radically over the course of history. The time of the tsars and the Soviet Union , the Ukrainian was continuously displaced by the Russian in the 1980s, Kiev was almost exclusively Russian-speaking. After the fall of the Soviet Union and since Ukraine’s independence has rekindled a tendency to Ukrainian recognizable because it is the language of instruction in schools, and many Ukrainians, their independence from Russia prefer to emphasize the Ukrainian language. However, the statistics are of limited significance, since many Ukrainians understand by the term native language by simply using their national language and no language in the linguistic sense. In everyday use, the Russian still dominates in Kiev.

The city lies on both sides of the broad Dnieper River , south of the Black Sea flows meet. The right, western bank of the river to the historic city center is by many, originally wooded hills of the small Prydniprovska dominated highlands. A constant ups and downs, and chestnut trees are typical of the Kiev city center. The hills fall steeply from the river. Further north – in the district Podil – but there is a flat and wide, built-up shoreline.

The left, eastern bank of the river was not until the 20th Century opened up. In contrast to the opposite side it is flat and forest steppe dominated. Here there are also numerous lakes. The Dnepr branches in the city in many waterways. Several large islands, which were hardly built to serve as recreation areas.

kiev wallpaper Kiev, Ukraine

kiev wallpaper

kiev ukraine Kiev, Ukraine

kiev ukraine

kiev statue Kiev, Ukraine

kiev statue

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kiev europe

kiev downtown Kiev, Ukraine

kiev downtown

kiev city Kiev, Ukraine

kiev city

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kiev at night

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