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by WCC on February 21, 2012

in Africa

Kenya – Kenya lies in East Africa . It is in German speaking countries besides South Africa , the black African destination par excellence. Neighbouring countries are Sudan and Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Tanzania to the south and Uganda to the west. In the southeast, the country has a coastline on the Indian Ocean in the west and a small portion of Lake Victoria.

kenya Kenya


Kenya is divided into two climatic zones: the highlands (above 1,820 m) it is from April to June and October-November to rainfall. The nights are relatively cool. The coldest time in this region is in July and August with about 10 ° C. The warm period is in January and February with 25 to 26 ° C maximum temperature. In Nairobi, the temperatures are pleasant in July 11-21 ° C and in February 13 to 26 ° C.

On the coast the temperatures are between 22 and 32 ° C, and the average humidity is about 75 percent. Most rain falls from April to June. The driest and warmest months are January and February, the cold period is in July / August. Cheap travel times in Kenya are January / February. During this time there is almost no rain and warm.

- Nairobi – Capital
- Mombasa

Getting there
For German nationals a visa is required. The visa fee is from 1 January 2011 U.S. $ 50.00. Visa (single entry) can be easily upon entry of all official border stations, eg at airports in Nairobi and Mombasa, and shall be filed 12 weeks – with the possibility of renewal – valid. All payments will be accepted only in notes.

From Europe and North America is almost the only entry on a plane to Kenya in question. Many major airlines serve the East African hub in Nairobi a day (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport east of the city). There are direct flights from Germany are not there, but from Switzerland (Zurich). Fly for charter companies (or Condor LTU) and low non-stop to Mombasa.

In Kenya, Rift Valley Railways operate the privatized (former Kenya Railways) remains the main railway line, the people are also transported from Mombasa to Nairobi, and also secondary lines from Nairobi to Kisumu (Kisumu-Butere with connection) and to Nyeri. Several times a week here trains in colonial style. The night drive in the first and second class (sleeper car, including menus) Mombasa-Nairobi is more expensive than most buses and also lasts much longer on it but has a special flair.

Coaches are key to the transportation in Kenya. There are many different vendors with attractive offers for longer journeys. In particular, the Nairobi-Mombasa route is traveled by many lines. But even in western Kenya, there are good connections, for example, with Easy Coach to Kisumu on Lake Victoria. In all major cities, bus companies find where you can buy tickets.

kenya landscape Kenya

kenya landscape

mount kenya Kenya

mount kenya


As in many other former British colonies drive on the left here. In Kenya there is a well-functioning public transport system. Who on safety and comfort of little value sets comes with the matatu (shared taxi) almost everywhere. Between the major cities of the subway, buses and shuttles called. The roads are generally very poor and it often comes to accidents, road safety has, however, since three years ago, new rules were introduced has increased significantly. If you want to rent a car it is recommended that the driver with the same rent that costs little extra cost and has the advantage that you have someone here who knows.

Official languages: Swahili and English. Commercial language is mostly English. There are several tribal languages ​​and many dialects. Learning should be “Kiswahili – word for word” by Christoph Friedrich ISBN: 3-89416-074-8 (Although one of the worst of the series but still the best to Swahili!)

For tourists there are many cheap handmade souvenirs (junk). In the major markets there are a lot of Chinese junk and good and cheap second-hand clothes. In the cities there are large supermarket chains (Nakumatt, Tusky’s). There are now no longer what it is not much in Kenya buy. Who is willing to take a few shillings to spend more on themselves not to give Nutella and Nivea. In the markets and in retail trade is not forgotten!

There are the usual rules for consumption of food in tropical countries. Water should be drunk from sealed bottles only. For drinks – especially bottled water – should be checked before serving the closure, some bottles are filled with questionable content and is sold again! Widespread and very tasty ugali with meat goats. This dish is eaten normally with the hand, and you should not forget to use only his right hand. But in almost every restaurant you can get his knife and fork. Alcoholic drinks are relatively expensive (taxes).

Older people are in the Kenyan society considered higher than young people. Even before police officers, government officials, etc. should there be a respectful attitude to take. Want to customize, and not immediately noticeable as a tourist, and then they pull in as the women a long skirt and a long pants man.

In the rural areas is a constant expansion of communication. Although sometimes it falls out of power or telephone cables are stolen. Even cities are affected. Mobile phone calls to Europe, however, is not nearly as susceptible as some years ago. Internet cafes are now not only in cities. The connection speeds similar to those of German cities. The use of modern smartphones is anywhere in proximity of places in high speed. The local phone companies offer a cheap prepaid SIM card with data packets. Status: 07/2011).

kenya mount Kenya

kenya mount

kenya national park Kenya

kenya national park

kenya safari Kenya

kenya safari

kenya animals Kenya

kenya animals

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