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Kentucky | United States of America

by WCC on March 9, 2012

in North America

Kentucky is a state in the United States of America. Places, Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville, Newport. Kentucky was the fifteenth U.S. state located in the southern states of the United States . During the American Civil War, allied himself with Kentucky, the northern states. Today, Kentucky is a major tobacco producer.

To the language in Kentucky is not much to say. 96.1% of the population speak English, so any other language is actually almost redundant. In the north there is the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) – This airport is located in Hebron, not far from Cincinnati. To the northwest is the Louisville International Airport (SDF) – this airport has only two international connections, instead you should use the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky airport use.

kentucky state capitol Kentucky | United States of America

kentucky state capitol

The 15th state to join the United States, Kentucky is one of them since 1792. He has developed during the 19th century as a producer of tobacco, which was distributed by commerce on Ohio and Mississippi rivers. During the Civil War, Kentucky was one of four states allowing slavery remained with the North, however, the state was deeply divided during the war. Even today, it remains on the border between Southern culture and that of the Midwest.

Kentucky is now gifted with beautiful villages, mountains, and parks. It is a place for those who like to live at a speed more “relaxed”. The largest city, Louisville, has the advantages of a big city (the chipboard has nearly 1 million people) with many cultural activities, but also the atmosphere of a village where everyone knows each other. Unfortunately, the state is also one of the poorest countries, with major problems in relation to education and health. The eastern Kentucky, a region known for its coal mines, now suffering from extreme poverty for a developed country. But it is the minor-dance they sing and play bluegrass music, who was born here.

kentucky river Kentucky | United States of America

kentucky river

kentucky mammoth national park Kentucky | United States of America

kentucky mammoth national park

kentucky farm Kentucky | United States of America

kentucky farm

Kentucky has a continental climate with very cold winters and hot summers. In the summer afternoons often over 30 degrees is hot, the nights are very warm 20 degrees. The holiday object there is Mammoth Cave National Park

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