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Karachi, Pakistan

by WCC on April 2, 2012

in Asia

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and capital of the province of Sindh . Karachi was until 1959 also the capital of the country. The city lies on the western edge of the estuary of the Indus into the Arabian Sea in a plane of hills on the western and northern boundaries of the core city is surrounded. With 13.1 million inhabitants (2010) Karachi is one of the largest cities in the world . In the agglomeration live 15.7 million people (2009). In Pakistan, however, there is no authority for the registration of residence of persons, and therefore represent the population figures given projections based on census results.

Karachi 550x412 Karachi, Pakistan


The administrative area of ​​3527 square kilometers, Karachi is not a contiguous urban area, but would be – more comparable to a small province – with its dominant rural settlements outside the urban core structure. The city’s economic, commercial and manufacturing center, transportation hub, cultural center with numerous universities, colleges, research institutions, museums, galleries and monuments and the largest port in the country. One of the main attractions Mazar-e-Quaid, the mausoleum of the founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah (1876-1948), who was born in the city and returned to be buried.

The area from which Karachi is now, was originally a group of small villages including the village Eekalachi customer-jo and the Manora fort. Nearchus, admiral of Alexander the Great (356 BC-323 BC) sailed to the end of his conquests to a place called Krokola , where it was probably around Karachi. When Muhammad bin Qasim in 712 after India came, he conquered the town Debul, which was probably on the present city of Karachi.

1729 Kolachi-jo-Goth was transformed from a fishing village into a commercial establishment than to the port for trade with Muscat and Bahrain was selected. In the following years a fort was built, and armed with cannons in Muscat. It had two entrances, one facing the sea, called Khara Darwaza (Brackish Gate), and one facing the Lyari River, called Meetha Darwaza (Sweet Gate). In 1795 the city transferred from the Khan of Kalat to the Talpur rulers of Sindh. Karachi gained a position as a major port and was therefore an important city.

Karachi St Patricks Cathedral 550x392 Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi St Patricks Cathedral

Karachi Pakistan 550x412 Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Pakistan

Karachi Kemari Boat Basin 550x412 Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Kemari Boat Basin

Karachi Beach 550x412 Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Beach

Karachi at Night 550x412 Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi at Night

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