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Kansas – United States of America

by WCC on March 12, 2012

in North America

Kansas is a state in the region of the Great Plains of the United States. This condition is usually regarded as being the geographical center of the country. Following the Wizard of Oz, many people in and out of Kansas see this state as a place to flee. However, Kansas has many places to visit, especially for those interested in the history of westward expansion. You can find some places there; Kansas City, Wichita, Overland Park, Topeka, and Olathe. The climate of Kansas is marked continental, which means hot summers, cold winters.

kansas Kansas   United States of America


Rainfall is fairly sparse, however, vary from the north (less) to the south (more). The same applies to the humidity, which can act in the South (and North) is very uncomfortable! In the summer there are daily temperatures of 34-40 degrees (often more), with 20-26 degrees at night it is still very warm. The winter is very cold, with temperatures going down to -5 degrees, but it can easily go down to -25 degrees.

There are no clear borders between the different natural regions (physiographic zones) of Kansas, but progressive passages between different climatic, topographic and geological.

High Prairie, in the Flint Hills – The eastern Kansas and most populous cities and the main focus of the state. It is more hilly, more varied and its climate is more humid. Within this region there are two areas known for their landscapes:

  • Hills Flint ( Flint Hills ) form a north-south in the middle of this area. This region is of great ecological and geological interest because it contains the largest remaining fragment of the tallgrass prairie ( tall grass prairie ), typical formation of the Great Plains. A site of the University of Kansas presents the geology of this region.
  • The Ozarks, a region of forested limestone hills straddling the Missouri , the Oklahoma and Arkansas , bites on the southeast corner of Kansas. The history of this region is marked by the exploitation of coal and endemic rural poverty. However, the Ozark today live an economic renaissance due to tourism.

The western Kansas is one of the high plains that extend over a north-south from Texas to Wyoming. Although located at higher elevations, this area is very flat. This is a very rural area where the open prairie ( short grass prairie ) dominates. In this area is the largest parcel of public land in the state of Kansas, the Prairie National Cimmaron ( Cimmaron National Grassland ). The climate, semi arid, is relatively cooler than in the east of the state because of altitude.

kansas city Kansas   United States of America

kansas city

The area of present Kansas was annexed by the United States under the Louisiana purchase , the purchase of Louisiana to France by the United States. The state of Kansas was created in its present form in 1854. Kansas has firmly sided northerner during the Civil War. Today Kansas is a rural state clearly conservative, though attached to such values ​​as racial equality and education.

kansas prairie storm Kansas   United States of America

kansas prairie storm

The main highways are arriving in Kansas since the I70 east or west and I35 from the north-east or south. There are municipal airports in Wichita, Topeka and other cities, but most people use the airport Kansas City International (MCI) located close to the border. The line of railway from Chicago to Los Angeles via Santa Fe and Kansas through the ridge with several stations including Lawrence, Topeka, Newton (near Wichita) and Hutchinson.

kansas road wallpaper Kansas   United States of America

kansas road wallpaper

Kansas is in Tornado Alley , the area of the Midwest where tornadoes are most frequent. The severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are particularly common in spring and early summer. Always have a radio in your car, local stations give warning if necessary. Tornado sirens to occur in urban areas. If you hear them, you take shelter in the Shelter (underground shelters) nearest your car will not protect you. Sky very dependent of an unusual color (greenish yellow) are the warning signs of strong thunderstorms with hail and tornadoes.

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