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Johor Bahru,Malaysia

by WCC on April 24, 2012

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The port city of Johor Bahru (the “new jewel”; other spellings: Johor Bahru , Johor Baharu ) is a city in Malaysia at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula , directly to the island of Singapore opposite. Colloquially , the city in the region as ” JB “refers to . Johor Bahru, the capital of the state of Johor , and with about 900 000 inhabitants in the city proper and 1.8 million people in the agglomeration with its suburbs, one of Malaysia’s economic centers.

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johor bahru

Due to its proximity to Singapore, the city became a transportation hub with high trading volumes. Sights include the Sultan palace , the park “Johor Istana Garden” and the Abu Bakar Mosque and the Sri Mariamman Temple. From Johor Bahru comes by means of large pipes on the “Causeway”, a road embankment, a significant portion of the water supply for Singapore.

Johor was founded in 1855, after the ruler of Johor, Temenggong Daing Ibrahim, head of the administration moved there. At that time the place was as Tanjung Puteri known, a small Malay fishing village. Tanjung Puteri was then on 1 January 1866 by Ibrahim’s son and successor Temenggong Abu Bakar of Johor Bahru in Johor renamed.  Under Abu Bakar told Johor Bahru rapid growth. During his reign have included the Abu Bakar Mosque, Istana Besar and built the Menteri Besar. The city experienced a wave of immigration in the period in Chinese.

In the Battle of Malaya in World War II Japanese army captured the 31st January 1942, the city and the residence of the sultan became a center for planning the conquest of Singapore, the neighboring city of Johor Bahrus. Shortly after the war the city became a center of Malay nationalism. Johor Bahru is the birthplace of the United Malay National Organization (UMNO), the dominant political force in the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional . In the 60 years the city experienced an economic boom. Thus it came to developing residential areas and industrial sites. Because of the steady growth of Johor Bahru was finally on 1 January 1994 awarded the city status.

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johor bahru malaysia

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