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Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China

by WCC on March 4, 2012

in Asia

The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is a length of 42.5 km, the longest bridge built over water in the world. It was completed in January 2011 and connects the old city of Qingdao on the south coast of the Shandong Peninsula to the west of the Jiaozhoubucht city of Huangdao and shortens the connection to the airport and Qingdao Liuting . The opening and release to traffic took place on 30 June 2011.

Jiaozhou Bridge 550x361 Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China

Jiaozhou Bridge

The building was in a construction period of four years of at least 10,000 workers as a pre-stressed concrete bridge run. It was built about 450,000 tons of steel and 2.3 million tons of concrete. The company Maurer Söhne of Munich, built almost 200 bridge crossing expansion joints with a total compensation of 33.59 meters, a distance.

The design of the bridge comes from the company Shandong Gaosu Group, China . The buildings are designed so that they earthquake of intensity 8, typhoons should be able to defy and ship collisions. The traffic is managed in each direction to three lanes.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge Wallpaper 550x392 Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge Wallpaper

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge China 550x412 Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge China

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