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by WCC on February 23, 2012

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Jerusalem is the capital of Israel .The Old City of Jerusalem in 1981 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site declared to mankind.

jerusalem 550x440 Jerusalem


Anyone who wants to improve his Yiddishkeit, and still no talmid Chacham (“wise student,” because you never stop learning) is, for example, can the Yeshiva Machon Meir in 2 Hameiri Avenue, Kiryat Moshe to visit, and participate in some shiurim (lessons). Advantage of this yeshiva is that in addition to Hebrew, English and languages ​​of instruction are Rusisch and that here there lessons for beginners awakening. There are many different religious directions and more Yeshivot Schwierrigkeitsgrade. Furthermore, there are several see ulpan (language courses in Modern Hebrew-) and of course the Hebrew University of Jerusalem . For Christian theology students will be here a year abroad offered. Jewish Studies is working with scientific text in the Talmud and Torah, for example, at the Pardes Institute study. At the Hebrew University will be offered corresponding to a higher level.

Due to the strict security measures (checkpoints, metal detectors, armed military everywhere) can be considered safe Jerusalem. In East Jerusalem, the security measures are generally low, but even this area is considered safe.For medical emergencies and illness it is best to Terem Medical Center, located near the Central Bus Station. There, you pay 420 NIS to be treated by a doctor. It is usually helped quickly and professionally. It then gets a bill, you can submit your insurance company. This device is known by taxi drivers and you pay by the Ben Yehuda Street / King George Road approximately NIS 25 for the ride.

The official languages ​​are Hebrew and Arabic. Almost all Israelis speak English, among the Arabs is the percentage lower. But people are very friendly and will help you further (whether Israelis or Palestinians), where it is going, no matter in what language communicates.

old jerusalem 550x191 Jerusalem

old jerusalem

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jerusalem wallpaper

jerusalem wall 550x365 Jerusalem

jerusalem wall

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jerusalem map

jerusalem city 550x412 Jerusalem

jerusalem city

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